William Skelley and iFunding Are Making Waves

William Skelley is an alternative investment professional and the founder of iFunding. Since 2012, he has been dedicated to the concept of accredited crowdfunding. He is the one who coined the term accredited crowdfunding. Accredited crowdfunding is an investment concept that collects small amounts of capital from small investors and uses it to make investments that a single individual may find hard to access. CrunchBase tells that Skelley previously worked as principal at Rose Park Advisors, which is a hedge fund company founded by Dr. Clayton Christensen and specializes in disruptive innovation. Other notable companies that he has worked for include General Electric and Olympus. His success and that of iFunding has seen him be named a member of the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.”

On the 17th January 2016, iFunding held its first annual dinner, an event that took place at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York.  The organizer of the event, Michael Stoler, is the Managing Director of Madison Reality Capital. He hosts the weekly television show “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” that talks about real estate and business trends in the region. Some of the companies that were represented at the dinner include Carlyle Group, Kushner Companies, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Bank of America.

Skelley is one of the early adopters of the real estate crowdfunding concept. The industry was launched right after the ruling of the Title II of the JOBS Act in 2012. After the ruling, he launched iFunding, an organization that has grown to become one of the biggest online real estate platforms. He holds the position of chief executive officer (CEO) at iFunding and is responsible for overseeing business development activities. He has managed real estate projects valued at more than 250 million.

iFunding facilitates debts and preferred equity fundraising for real estate properties that range from big family residences and apartment block estates to apartment towers, hotels and resorts, single-family homes, retail locations, malls, offices, and mixed-use buildings. The firm provides an excellent opportunity for accredited investors to make an investment with a minimum of $5000. They oversee every deal from start to end and avails detailed reports and information to investors that give investors insight into how their investment is being used.  Follow iFunding on Twitter, where Skelley tweets about real estate development and the future of the industry.

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