Wengie’s Phone Hacks

Wengie who is a very popular creator on YouTube who makes videos about many different things from life hacks to school hacks and even DIY hacks and ideas. She has tons of videos and millions of viewers. One of her most popular uploads is her phone hacks video in which she shows viewers cool and simple new ways to use your phone for different things.


One of the top hacks in the video is how to make a stylus for your phone. A stylus allows you to not have to touch your phone with your fingers which can make it dirty and grimy. In the video Wengie uses a few very simple things she has laying around the house to make the stylus. It is so simple to use and so simple to make that anyone can do it.


Another great phone hack is perfect for people who like to run or workout while listening to their music. Wengie shows viewers how to make an armband out of simply using scissors and socks. An armband helps keep your phone attached to your arm so you can still listen to music or talk on the phone while having your hands be free. It is so easy to make and very easy to use. It is a great item for people who like to bike or workout and it is a great DIY gift to give.


Throughout the video Wengie shows so many other great tips and tricks on things you can do with your phone. From changing the style of pictures to creating cool effects there is so much to do with your phone that you may not even know. With great phone hacks like these it is easy to see why over 4 million people subscribe to Wengie’s YouTube channel.