Tony Petrello hosts Texas icon Tommy Tunes

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia recently held a cocktail party to welcome one of the Texas legendary artists, Tommy Tune of Broadway. Tommy Tune is a multitalented artist who had come back to Houston to put a show for his fans. He has a huge following in Houston since this is his hometown. He was born and raised in Houston before he left for New York. People here still recognize him as one of their own. The good thing is that he has also not forgotten his people. He is actively involved in talent development in the area. He started the Tommy Tune Wards to awards talented students in musical theater productions. Tony Petrello and Cynthia are a husband a wife. They are known in Texas for their philanthropy work.

They have a reputation for helping the Houston community in times of need. They [participate in community projects that are intended to make the lives of people living in the area better. As a person involved in activities that help the community, Tommy Tunes’ work rhymes with the work done by the Petrellos. So when he visited Houston, they were happy to host him as one of the legends of the area. They hosted him in their home in Houston in a magnificent cocktail party. Tony Petrello is one of the best mathematics, law and business minds. This is a rare combination of talents. Tony Petrello is exceptionally brilliant, and this is the reason he landed a job at one of the biggest drilling firms.

Currently, Tony Petrello is working as the Board Chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries. It is a drilling firm with headquarters in Texas. His management at the firm has been credited with making a revolution in the drilling industry. He has put Nabors as the leading form globally, a factor that has made him dictate the trends in the global drilling industry. His position in the company has made him create a wealth of substantial amounts. With this money, he had decided to channel part of it to philanthropy. In Texas, he recently supported the victims of the Hurricane Harvey. He also has ongoing projects at the Texas Children Hospital where he is facilitating the construction of neurological research Centre for children. Tony Petrello is passionate about these activities and is happy that his efforts are bearing fruits. He hopes the projects he is engaged in will have the potential to make an impact on the lives of the people.