The World’s Famous American Institute of Architect

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is an organization that was established in 1857 to license professionals in the construction industry. In 1857, a group of 13 architects met in New York and founded the institution under the name New York Society of Architects that was later changed to AIA. The 13 architects together with 16 other invited prominent architects that formed the constitution and selected AIA’s first president who was known as Richard Upjohn.

Today, the AIA’s headquarter is in Washington DC where it is headed by Robert Ivy. Also, AIA leads as the top membership organization for the architect professionals in licensing the existing architects, emerging professionals, and associated partners. The institution attends to its members by implementing its goals which are education and information, advocacy information, and community redevelopment. Further, the organization represents a world-class quality of design, constructions and professional code of ethics.

Moreover, AIA strives to show its clients and the surrounding community that design is important and matters in the environment. An instance is where the organization was once involved in draining of swamps in Washington DC hence promoting health and disaster relief. AIA also advocates for modern housing structures instead of congestion of substandard housing which lacks direct sunlight and the right ventilation thus playing an essential role in the communities.

About Robert Ivy, the CEO of AIA

Robert Ivy took over as CEO and vice president of AIA in February 2011 after the board members unanimously voted him to head the organization. The AIA network consists of a broad system with more than 300 chapters and over 90000 members of the body. The members are inclusive of the architects and design professionals whose dedication is to enhance the construction industry.

Robert is an award-winning public figure who is well known in the field of architecture editing and has worked with various media organizations. An instance is where he was the editor in chief of Architecture Record which he joined in 1996. Notably, during his service with Architecture Record, the firm grew and its architectural journals were the most sorted after in the world. Robert has also worked at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media where he served as the senior editor.

Furthermore, Robert has been awarded the Crane Awards and was named as the master architect by an architecture fraternity known as the Alpha Rho Chi. With the positive attributes in his writing works and recognition all over the globe are what made the board members of AIA find him as the most qualified for the CEO position. In addition, the successful CEO of AIA is a graduate of Tulane University and holds a masters in Architecture and is also a graduate of the University of South in Tennessee where he holds a B.A. in English.