The Incomparable Philanthropy Of George Soros

Is it possible to live a life of philanthropy and then follow it up with incomparable generosity? George Soros is a person who has gone and done the amazingly generous act of donation of 18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation. So who is George Soros? He is the man behind this deed and the chair of the Open Society Foundations. Open Society Foundations is an organization that supports freedom, equality and democracy across all sections of people and cultures.

Forbes magazine has placed the net worth of George Soros at 23 million dollars. Though he is a billionaire today, Soros hails from humble beginnings. His Jewish roots made him a victim of Nazi intolerance and hate. He emerged through this atmosphere of prejudice, as a survivor and champion of human rights. He worked as a porter in the railways as well as a waiter to make ends meet. In the year 1956, he gained access to the United States. He began his career in investments and the financial sector in 1970, with the launch of the Soros Fund Management. His philanthropic career took off in 1979 when he addressed the issue of apartheid and provided scholarships to South African people. In 1984, he initiated the first of its kind Open Foundation in Hungary.

The CNBC reports that George Soros has donated almost 80% of his fortune to the Open Society Foundations. This large endowment has taken the Open Society Foundation to the position of being one of the leading philanthropic societies today. The Open Societ Foundations has a presence in over 100 countries. The issues it addresses are diverse, such as democracy, injustice and discrimination.

The Foundation has been a powerful voice to push for the rights of people pushed to the peripheries of society such as sex workers, the LGBT community and drug abusers. His critical opinion on the anti-drug initiative has helped draw out the inherent deficiencies in the program against drugs. He was also a strong advocate for same-gender marriages in the early 2000s.

George Soros understands the responsibility that comes with financial power. In line with this thinking, he has lent his considerable resources towards making the world a better place. His mission of equality and justice has also spread its wings to include organizations such as Global Witness and the anti-conflict body called the International Crisis Group. George Soros has also addressed hate crimes and provided financial aid during the Ebola virus crisis in 2014. He has lent financial support in many ways and strengthened the financial backbone of communities and organizations in need.

The New York Times calls George Soros a democratic donor, with annual humanitarian acts of 800 to 900 million dollars to various causes. George Soros has always carried a sense of responsibility towards people or societies that are sidelined or whose troubles go unheard. The 18 billion dollar donation by the 87-year-old George Soros marks the philanthropic peak of a long career of charity and sense of open-heartedness.

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