The Attainted Career Path of Kelvin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has over 13 years in a financial and administrative leadership. He best recognized for his ability to take on new opportunities and to achieve business goals through his strategic vision.

According to Crunchbase, for more than a decade Kevin Seawright has used his financial experts to improve the wellbeing of the communities in the East Coast. He has set of qualities that stand out as business leader qualities such as excellent business acumen, working in teams, experience in government operations and financial private sector, and outcome efficiency.

He is currently the Network Economic Development Corporation’s Vice President as well as its Chief Financial Officer.

During his career time, Kevin Seawright has come up with business strategies that have developed responsive Accounting/Finance divisions such as payroll, receivables, payables and collections that have in time and time again have given results through bringing into line technological initiatives with the current economic and organizational goals.

Throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Kevin has worked to change the revenue planning corporate that have successfully worked throughout the board for general contractors and sub-contractors.

Kevin Seawright career accomplishments are the revenue improvement that has assisted the annual return increase by 25% through forecasting with good and services provided.

Moreover, he has worked hard to improve the Human Capital Division thus achieving employee turnover, improving recruitment efforts, negotiation, change management, compensation adjustment and collective bargaining amongst others. Through these process, there has been improved service delivery to customers, standardization, and enhanced company performance.

Prior to his current position, Kevin has gained experience in financial management for local government agencies. When he was the Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging Retirement he came up with and put into operation a new accounting system that was meant to save agencies more than $100 000 financial support.

Kevin has also served as the Housing Authority of Baltimore City’s Payroll Director prior to serving at the position of Finance Director of the Homeless Services branch within the Division of Housing and Community Development. Kevin has served in many other positions.

Due to his excellent work at the Baltimore City, he was appointed the Deputy Chief Operating officer in the sector of education a position that he held for six years. Throughout his career, he has made a positive impact on societies and build a formidable personal brand and gained extensive experience.