Shea Butter: An All Natural Ingredient With Great Power

If you’ve never heard of shea butter, you’re in for a real treat. This all natural, organic ingredient is one used in many formulas of skincare. Whether it’s in a lotion, cream or anti-aging product, its no secret that it possesses many benefits to people worldwide.

If you are unfamiliar with why shea butter is as popular as it is, here are some of the reasons why people find this ingredient so desirable. Shea butter comes from an African Shea Tree that produces fruit. The seeds of that fruit create a fat, butter-like ingredient, and that is what we know as the shea butter. Believe it or not, shea butter is used in many recipes, since it is natural and safe to digest. Use this on your stomach and sides during pregnancy to promote stretch mark free skin. It has been proven to increase elasticity, therefore getting rid of stretch marks is something it really can do. Also, it helps your skin produce collagen the natural way, without artificial procedures or products. Say you’ve hurt yourself, and your skin has swelled up. Apply shea butter to the wound, and your swelling is sure to disappear in no time. Shea butter is found in many lip treatments to ensure the softest lips. Pure shea butter, will do even more wonders. Shea butter really is a miracle ingredient with many, many different uses.

You will love the brand Eugenia Shea if you’re looking to get some of these great benefits with shea butter. They have three formulas that are all very trusted, buzzed about and have specific uses. You can use the everyday strength formula to keep your body moisturized, always. Use the dermatological ones if you have any skin issues, such as excema. This will help make that rough, patchy skin heal and turn to normal, moisturized skin. The pregnancy formula says it all- use while pregnant to ensure less visible stretch marks and lines. Eugenia Shea is a great brand to go with if you are looking for natural, pure shea butter in its finest form.