Securus video visitation for Inmate Visits.

Visits are particularly necessary to a convict’s mental health. Inmates should be able to remain mutually joined with their families, allowing them an opportunity to be part of their kids’ small and big life moments, and watch them grow. However, in-person visits pose many threats to other inmates and prison personnel. In-person visits increase the number of smuggled goods, passed from visitors to prisoners, creating security concerns in the jail. Securus Technologies introduces a better alternative for onsite prison visits. The Securus Video Visitation positions a new video product, guaranteeing prison safety while ensuring that convicts share in their family experiences, and watch their kid grow.


Securus video visitation allows family members to set up advance online inmate visits according to authorized visiting hours. The video visitation system allows family members to comprehend a convict’s availability, allowing family members only to schedule the times when they are available. The convict is also notified of the planned visit in advance, and will be ready to the date of the appointment. The video platform presents ability for recording, monitoring, and reviewing all visits. Any determined inappropriate or obscene behavior may lead to visit termination and suspension of future visit privileges.


The video platform also enhances lower recidivism, safer visitations, full visitations, happier family, friends and inmates, and more effective correctional operations. The Securus Video Visitation mobile app provides a convenient and easy way for inmate families to video call loved ones, using tablets and Android phones. The free mobile app allows folks to also share special moments like, holidays and birthdays, giving the inmates a sense of being at home, even when they are not. The video visitation app also gives the consumers mobility to the familiar prisons and jails rigidness. Video visitation allows video inmate calls, making visitation more comfortable for everybody concerned.


The Securus Video Visitation application is available on Google Play and App Store. With its remote visitation capacity, the application also provides users the ability to sync visit aspects with programs, enabling users to receive upcoming visits notices. The video app also offers the capability to test cellular or Wi-Fi connections for finest video quality. Mobile consumers can primarily utilize their Apple or Android to help bring families, friends, and convicts together during special occasions. The video platform eliminates jail trips, creating convenience for families. The video system can also combine web cameras, computers, and additional hardware.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.