Sahm Adranji and Kerrisdale Capital

His Career Before Kerrisdale Capital:

Sahm Adrangi started his career many years ago. However, he had a different type of career than the one he has now. He started out working for Longacre Fund Management and Chanin Capital Partners.

How He Started Kerrisdale Capital:

He used one million dollars to start Kerrisdale Capital. However, it quickly became a much larger company. In fact, Kerrisdale Capital has more than 150 million dollars in funds.

The Investments That Clients Of Kerrisdale Capital Are Able To Make:

There are many different investments that clients can make through the company. However, certain types of investments are much more popular. Many of their clients invest in hedge funds and small business stocks. Also, the company is exceptionally skilled at an investment strategy called short selling. Kerrisdale Capital allows clients to make alternative investments, such as precious metals.

The Company’s Clients:

The company’s clients have many different types of careers, and many of them are retired. However, the company is designed to accommodate every client’s investment needs. In addition to individual investors, there are sizable businesses that use the services of Kerrisdale Capital. Sahm Adrangi lives in the United States, but he has clients from many other of the world.

What Research Has Sahm Adrangi Done?

He has researched many subjects that are extremely important to investors, such as hedge funds, short selling, and effective techniques for researching small businesses. He makes this research available to the public for free, and it’s accessible on the internet.

He Has Been A Whistleblower:

As a whistleblower, Sahm Adrangi has informed the public about fraudulent activities that were committed by China Education Alliance and China Biotics. These companies have faced sanctions as a result of the information that he released.