Doe Deere Shows You How to do Business

When you are thinking about starting a business, you might want to look at how Doe Deere found her niche and started her business. Maybe then you can have the kind of business you want and make money. Visit here:


Find Something Unique

The best thing you can do for your business is to find something that you know isn’t over done. This can be a bit hard because you will need to find an area that is new or that is not as used for business, but you also have to find something that you love. This can be a hard road if there isn’t a clear niche for your business. Learn more:


Be Smart With Your Business

There are a lot of things to think about with your business, but you should be smart about what you are doing and how it will work for you. If your niche is too wide, then you may not be able to pin down your ideal market. If it’s too small, then you may not be able to make the sales you want with the business. That is why it’s so important to be smart with your vision.


Getting Things Going

Once you have have your business started, you can start to do things the way you want more. Doe Deere likes to have a little time to herself in the morning and models her day around that. Once your business is going well, you can do the same. This will make it more your own.


Keeping it Fresh

Once you have ran the business for a longer amount of time, then you still have to learn to keep it fresh. This may mean changing your advertising as well as adding new products to your lines. This is also something that Doe Deere does with her business. She works on new products everyday to help her business grow and become more of what she saw when she was starting out with her business.


There are a lot of ways you can do your business, but you have to find a way to do it your own way. This may mean you are on your own with your business for a time. This might be because you are not doing what everyone else thinks you should be doing. Take your time and find the best thing for your business so you are doing as well with it as you can. Learn more:


The Open Society Drives George Soros

Facts and reality take different forms for different people depending on how they are being expressed and viewed in the opinion of billionaire investment specialist George Soros. Political and social affairs have always been of great concern for George Soros after he survived living under the oppression of two of histories most feared regimes; born in 1930 in Hungary, George Soros saw members of his own Jewish community murdered in their hundreds of thousands by occupying Nazi forces during the Second World War and is classed as a Holocaust survivor. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros found himself living under communist rule in the years following the Second World War and prompted his movement towards taking a refugee journey that would eventually lead to Soros becoming a leading financial specialist with his own Soros Fund Management brand.

George Soros set out on a journey through life that would lead him to become one of the world’s most respected financial figures but also set out to develop his philanthropic career after discovering his success had provided him with more money than he could possibly need. In 2017, George Soros is rated by Forbes to have built a personal fortune of more than $25 billion and given more than $10 billion to the Open Society Foundations as the network created in the name of the theory popularized by philosopher Karl Popper has been used by Soros to develop his own philanthropic interests. Soros founded the Open Society Fund in 1979 as a way of aiding those stranded under totalitarian rule in Eastern Europe and South Africa under the rule of Apartheid; the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 went on to realise his funds were being used to further the ends of the regimes he was fighting against and prompted a new way of using the financial donations of George Soros.

The Atlantic reports the work of George Soros as a philanthropist began with a focus on the issues facing the people of Eastern Europe living under the same communist rule the founder of the network also endured as a teenager. Soros fought against the regime of communist agencies throughout the 1980s and 90s after deciding the best opportunity for aiding as many people as possible was to work in a way limiting government involvement across portions of Eastern Europe where people were being robbed of their human rights. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, George Soros has focused his attention on many different areas of the world, from Russia to North America where Soros believes the political dominance of the U.S. will lead to the capitalist system created in its image will struggle for survival as the 21st-century moves forward.

Jim Larkin: Leading an Extra Ordinary Life

Life is all about caring. We cease to live when we stop caring about our neighbors. However, when you choose to care for your brother or sister, you allow yourself to become susceptible to all manner of challenges since your friend’s problems also become yours to carry. James Larkin is one man who chose to carry the world on his shoulders.

Born in 1874, Jim grew up to become a renowned labor organizer and activist, an individual best known for creating the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. Tracing his origin from Liverpool, England, James Larkin created one of the biggest unions ever to get recorded in human history.

However, Jim relocated to America in 1914 after his Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union collapsed, continuing with his labor organizing escapades until he met his death in 1947. Since Larkin was born from a low-income family background, he took up several jobs to help him support his family.

With no education experience, Jim Larkin worked his way up the social ladder and eventually succeeded. When he created ITGWU in 1907, he helped liberate Irish industrial workers who had for a long time been undermined by employers. It is in 1907 that Larkin’s rise to fame all begun.

Years later, Larkin created yet another organization, the Irish Labour Party that saw more than 100,000 workers win the right to fair employment. The Irish Labour Party had raised a strike that saw Irish laborers boycott work for close to eight months. Despite the prolonged time, efforts by the party paid off, all thanks to Jim Larkin. Read more:  Jim Larkin – Biography and The Definite Biography of Big Jim Larkin

When World War I broke out in 1914, Jim Larkin went out of his way to hold peaceful demonstrations meant to lure people and countries involved to bring to an end the state of lawlessness at the time. He categorically discouraged his fellow country men and women from engaging themselves in a war that would only lead to the unnecessary loss of life.

Larkin’s approaches for advocating for change are still in use to date by trade unions all over the world. Never for one day has Jim Larkin ever provoked violent rebellions against employers, since he always felt that it would be unreasonable for him to wreck havoc where his trade union members worked.

While living in the U.S., Larkin joined the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World. After the death of his long time friend, James Connolly, Jim created the James Connolly Socialist Club in honor of his ally.

In his prime age, Jim later moved back to Ireland and continued with his trade union activities helping improve the working standards of employees in the country.

Before meeting his death in 1947, Jim Larkin created the famous quote, “Claiming for ourselves liberty of conscience, freedom to worship; we shall see to it that every other individual enjoys the same right.” At the end of it all, Jim fought a good fight, kept the faith, and eventually won the race.

Greg Secker Helping Others the Best way he Can


Who is Greg Secker, and what makes him awesome enough to be worthy of attention within the business world, or in the life of the average everyday man? Well, he is a serious entrepreneur and businessman with a heart and soul for really helping others reach the same heights that he sees every day of his life. At the heart of it all, the subject at hand is money and just what is the most effective method of making it work for the investor or consumer. The best way to get to know what makes him tick and then tock thorough the day is to simply understand what he has to say about it.

Necessity is the mother of all invention. And, the simple fact that many investors and financial professionals have had troubles and to this day still struggle with the concepts and basics of trading is really at the heart of Greg’s mission. Since opening day, which has different dates depending on how far back one wants to look into his history, correcting mistakes within investments strategies and business plans is Secker’s ultimate goal.

And, just as true teaching is learning side by side over time, making sure the followers of his teachings are getting the absolute and best advice is precisely how he makes his living. Keeping within step and on the right rhythm with trends is exactly what makes this business investment expert on top of his game. Perhaps, one of the most impressive parts of how he operates his business and projects is the swiftness in which reached the level to do so. Records show it took less than a calendar year.

It is this beginning year in which he recalls having some initial struggles and even moments of doubt. His thoughts of finding a different life dream do have their place in his past. However, with support from family members, and perhaps a friend or two, he also recalls not giving up. With some patience and practice, everything eventually falls into place for the faithful, as it did for one Mr. Greg Secker. With just the faith of a mustard, anyone taking the man’s words into action soon finds themselves under a very cool and mighty oak of financial liberties.

How Pet Owners are Discovering the Benefits of Beneful

The Beneful brand has become one of the best brands around. Tons of people have become fans of this brand because it gives consumers quality dog food for their pets. The commercials for this brand have given people the chance to see dogs running around that are healthy.

Beneful has become the type of company has is able to help anyone that is trying to get quality food with real beef or chicken. The commercials give people an indication of the variety of Beneful dog food brands that available. There are pet owners that are going to be impressed with the vitamin rich foods that are available through the Benefit brand. Purina is the parent company of Beneful. It has become a leader in dog food that has totally transformed the pet food industry. The commercials provide consumers with all they need to know about the different Beneficial vegetable accents.

How a Prison Uses Securus Technologies to Stop Drug Use

My prison was lucky enough to have Securus Technologies install their inmate call monitoring system throughout the complex. This company has been installing these units in over 2,600 jails around the country, and for good reason. The CEO of the company, Richard Smith, says his team all work towards making the world safer, and that is exactly why my fellow corrections officers rely on the system so heavily.


In the past, we had to use dated techniques to try an uncover the flow of drugs in the jail. Even the smallest amount of drugs makes the entire population inside less safe. We have had instances where inmates took too much of a certain drug and wound up stabbing other inmates who were minding their own business. The threat is certainly real, and we go to great lengths to get the drugs out of the jail.


Each day, we would do cell inspections with drug-sniffing dogs in our quest to locate drugs. Our team would set up inside the visitor center to search every person who came to the jail too, in an effort to stop the flow of drugs. What we discovered was that these efforts were all in reaction, and thanks to Securus Technologies, we could now take proactive measures to stop the problem from getting worse.


As soon as my team was familiar with the LBS software, we were able to let the system do the work of several officers, allowing us to be in two places at once. The call monitoring system could identify times when inmates were detailing how family could slip drugs by the guards. We heard inmates talk about how they can hide drugs in the yard. Now we are able to take action before the drugs ever get to our facility, and help to make this location safer.


George Soros continues to strengthen the world

George Soros has become one of the leading political contributors in the country for Democrats but has also been one of the leading philanthropists of his time. He has contributed more than $12 billion dollars to organizations that fight for and defend freedom of expression and accountable governments, and also fight for transparency and societies that protect the right of justice and equality. Read this story at about George Soros.

George Soros has based some of his giving on groups that have increasingly faced intolerance including Europe’s Roma people, drug users, sex workers and those in the LGBTI community worldwide. George Soros has also faced discrimination first hand as a child.

George Soros was born and raised in 1930s Hungary and managed to survive the Nazi occupation of 1944-1945, which led to the death of more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews. George Soros and his family survived by obtaining fake identification papers, lying about their background and helping others escape as well. George Soros left Hungary in 1947, when the Communists began consolidating power. He moved away to London, where he studied at the London School of Economics, while working as a railway porter and night-club waiter.

In 1970, George Soros decided to emigrate to the United States, where he became one of the most successful investors in U.S. history. In New York, George Soros launched his hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management, making him extremely successful. George Soros then used his wealth to open up the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundations is a collective o foundations, partners and projects spread out over 100 countries. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

In 1979, George Soros became strongly engaged in philanthropy and gave scholarships to blacks living under apartheid in South Africa. In the late 1980s, George Soros defended the share of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, George Soros launched the Central European University, which was a school that stimulated critical thinking. Following the end of the Cold War, George Soros expanded his work to the United States, Africa and Asia. He is one of a few philanthropists who has fought back against the “war on drugs” saying it is harmful and not helpful.

As Soros continues to get older, he remains active with the Open Society Foundations, advocating for positive change with global leaders in private and publicly. George Soros has become a strong financial backer of several organizations including the Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, the European Council on Foreign Relations, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Livio Bisterzo-CEO- Hippeas: “Peas Have Arrived”

Livio Bisterzo ia an Italian Businessman whom is currently residing within the Los Angeles area. Bisterzo is currently the CEO of Green Park Holdings. Livio Bisterzo attended the University of the Arts in London.

Bisterzo always had an interest in marketing. He had family members that were quite successful working within the field of marketing & management.

Bisterzo always had an interest in marketing some kind of healthy snack. Bisterzo fulfilled his ambition when he created “Hippeas. Hippeas is an organic snack which contain chick pea puffs.

Chick Pea Puffs are quite tasty and they come in six flavors. This new snack food is completely organic and it is much healthier as opposed to potato chips or salty pretzels.

Read more: Green Park Brands Partners With Ugly Drinks For 2018 U.S. Launch

Effective Advertising is Critical

Lizio Bisterzo discovered a clever way to market his new snack food. Actually, the ad campaigns for this new product seem to garnish as much attention as the product itself. One ad campaign “Give peas A Chance” has been used to effectively market the new product. The ad is very simple but very much to the point. Bisterzo believes in keeping it simple when it comes to getting a point across.

Another effective ad “Give Power to the Pea People” has also helped to market this new and tasty snack food. Bisterzo says Bisterzo chose chick peas because they are very healthy containing a lot of protein. In addition, chick peas release nitrogen back into the earths soil. Therefore, chick peas are good for you and they also benefit agriculture.

Vegan White Cheddar and Maple are two of the hottest selling flavors. Bisterzo knew from the beginning that in order for this product to be a success it had to be similar to a salty snack food.

Chick Pea Puffs are only 130 calories per serving and they have a very low fat content. In addition, Chick Pea Puffs contain both fiber as well as iron. It seems that “Peas” have arrived and are here to stay at least for a while.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo:

Scott Rocklage’s Revolutionary Career Path

Scott Rocklage is a highly revered health management expert and leader and a doctorate holder. He has multiple involvements in ground breaking inventions in the medical field and currently holds more than 30 patents.

Scott publicizes his concepts in various studies in articles and peer-reviewed works, which currently amount to 100 in a count. Scott is the managing partner of 5 AM Ventures since he received his promotion in 2004 after working as a partner for one year. He was at the fore front of developing three FDA-approved drugs, Cubicin, Omniscan, and Teslascan.

Apart from his involvement at 5 AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage was the former chief executive officer and chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, ex-president and executive officer of Nycomed Salutar and various R&D roles at Catalytica and Salutar. Scott worked with Cidara, Kinestral, and Rennovia as a member of the Council of boards. Read more: Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

His vast experience in addition to his world-status education affords him the right equipment to conduct revolutionary projects. Scott has an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of California and a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Scott Rocklage’s entrepreneurial path and scientifically inclined career are built on his courageous attitude in life. Scott takes measures risks in putting out forthcoming products and conclusions which go a long way in helping patients.

He values his team members and stated that he depends on the professional input of scientists, managers, and physicians who play a major role in medical works. Experience taught the doctor that having a competitive team is the first priority when looking to produce consistently excellent quality in a timely fashion.

Scott Rocklage’s insight in 5 AM Venture’s name branding is an accurate representation of the firm’s goals and values. He explains that five in the morning is an early hour to start the day with a high note, synonymous to the firm’s ambition to stay ahead of the curve in the cancer research field.

Scott and his team have a specialty in studying cell mutations to customize cancer treatment according to specific genotypes. He spends his time working closely with the team and holding meetings with partners to ascertain successful completion of projects.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

New Information On Financial Risks Is Available In US Money Reserve’s Ebook

Economic troubles may be one of the greatest fears in the world today, and a company who understands this very well is US Money Reserve.  US Money Reserve is a privately-owned distributor of precious metals based in Austin, TX that is committed to helping people learn how to buy gold.

To further this effort they’ve written an ebook on protecting wealth against world conflicts titled “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” Alongside this free-to-download ebook is a sale on American Eagle 1/10 gold coins that only lasts for a limited period of time.

US Money Reserve has strived to separate itself from the rest of the gold and silver companies by providing users with the most professional but friendly service.  Their website has been changed to allow for easy navigation and to be more aesthetically appealing to younger customers.

Now all devices including tablets and smartphones can be used to browse through photos and make purchases from the catalog.  The website is also connected to precious metal charts and prices, and customers can see how they’re performing in the NYSE.  US Money Reserve has become the company it has in large part because Philip N. Diehl has brought good business practices to it.

Philip N. Diehl served as 35th US Mint Director before joining US Money Reserve.  He helped bring updated infrastructure to the Mint and also had a high-tech website designed that had gold and silver information explained in detail.  The Mint made profits totaling over $2 billion and Diehl received high commendations from then President Bill Clinton. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

He’s been a part of discussions with financial news organizations about new minting practices such as eliminating the penny and bringing in the liberty platinum coin.  Diehl joined US Money Reserve because they’ve valued good ethics in business.

US Money Reserve offers incentives to customers who are buying gold for the first time, and they’ve also published a free information kit.  Included in this kit are the steps involved with moving funds from an IRA into a gold and silver portfolio.

If customers are having difficulty getting a payment for US Money Reserve’s products to go through, they can receive help through Client-Connect Advantage which has offline support and 24/7 service.  You can immediately purchase gold and silver by visiting