Event Design: Creative, Colors and Cake!

When it comes to event planning, everyone has different taste. For Jessica Boskoff, an event planner at Twenty Three Layers in New York, her taste is full of color and creativity. When you look at an event designed by Jessica, you will see plenty of pastel colors, unique props and sweet treats! Her main idea in even planning and deigning is to keep it fun and creative!

In celebration of the brands new and improved look, Twenty Three Layers had a photo shoot done that they designed themselves of course. The photo shoot gives a sneak peak of the work they do, and everything is very fun and bright, with a lot of beautiful flowers, bursting colors and decadent desserts incorporated throughout. Jessica loves what she does and being able to express herself and her personality through her work makes it all the more better in her book!

Twenty Three Layers is all about detail. They feel it is the little things that bring an event all together. And although they keep their style evolving and changing with the modern era, they will always pay attention to the little details, no matter how small, because to them, that is the important thing. Anything that is important to their clients is important to them, so they make sure to pay close attention to just about everything. They aim not just to make things look pretty, but to inspire by their artful taste and vibrant and bright designs.

Original article: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/2016/03/stylist-spotlight-jessica-boskoff.html

Helane Morrison Has Your Back

Everyone in life strives to do the right thing and be truthful with one another. However, sometimes it is hard to maintain that type of devotion throughout their lifetime. When it comes to the world of business and finance, this is particularly important. Since the decline of its reputation in the early 2000’s, it takes a certain type of person and a certain type of character to stay on the right path. That is the case with Helane Morrison.

Helane Morrison began her career as a journalist before getting into law. She attended Northwest University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She worked hard to give people the truth, but protect the defenseless in the process. With the state of the finance industry today, especially investing, nothing is guaranteed. Helane went onto the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, to earn her J.D. degree. While there, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Review.

Helane Morrison currently works for the law firm Hall Capital Partners LLC, where she is the Managing Director and Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining this firm, Helane was the Regional Director at the San Francisco Office of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. While working there, she was in charge of securities enforcement and regulatory matters. She also worked as a law clerk for the Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun as well as Hon. Richard A. Posner. With over thirty years of experience, Helane knows what needs to be done. She also serves as a member on the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association as well as the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation.

Helane Morrison occasionally speaks about compliance and legal issues. With her knowledge, you know she is an expert in this field. Helane believes in doing the right thing, so you can trust her and know that she will do the right thing for her clients. She wants to protect her clients from a downward spiral and closing businesses. It is so important nowadays for your business to be compliant with the law. If not, you and your business can face many fines. Your business can even be shut down completely if you are not careful. With Helane by your side, you can rest easy and rest assured knowing you are getting the best possible help and advice out there today.

Planning a Wedding in 3 months

We live in a society that stresses the importance of wedding ceremonies. The ceremony is usually expected to be expensive and lavish. For this reason, the traditional time frame for planning a wedding usually falls between 12 and 18 months. For those who don’t have a year or more to plan a wedding, this time frame can be frightening! If most people plan their weddings in one year, how can it possibly be planned efficiently a quarter of that time? Rest easy as we discuss simple and efficient ways to plan a wedding that looks like it took a year to plan in 3 months or less.

If you’re planning a wedding in 3 months or less, the time to begin the work on the wedding was yesterday! If you got engaged yesterday, the work begins today. First, its important to find a venue. For a 3 month engagement, it is important to find venues that are not heavily sought after for weddings and events.  Instead, opt for a serene and private location like a small church or a friend’s lovely back yard garden. Choosing a venue like this will guarantee a beautiful site for the wedding with little to no wait time. Learn from event planners, NYC.

Next, choose the look of the wedding. Decide on color patterns, style of dress for the wedding party, people who will be in the wedding party, and the general set up of the wedding. All these things need to be decided immediately in order to purchase wedding clothes, food, chairs, tables, and decor. These decisions also need to be made with haste to secure the wedding party and guests.

After ordering supplies for the wedding, including food, decorations, and clothing, during the first month of the engagement, all that will remain for the second month is logistics. Simply making phone calls and visitations to ensure that everything is going according to plan should be enough to make your day everything you thought it would be. More information can be found here.

Surge in Oil Prices Backing Up Venezuela

Bloomberg just reported in a featured article that the rebound in crude oil prices is helping to prop up the economy of Venezuela. Venezuela has been in the middle of a serious economic crisis due to the massive drought the country is facing. The country relies heavily on hydro-power as its main power source. The intense drought has stripped the country of its ability to maintain normal operations, which has lead to fears that the Venezuelan economy could completely collapse.
Petroleos de Venezuela SA, a state owned oil producer, is owed a $1 billion bond payment from Venezuela in this coming October. The price of crude oil was just at a 13 year low, so as stated by expert Norka Luque, the recent increase in prices are certainly promising in terms of backing up Venezuela’s ability to repay its debt obligations soon. Right now, crude oil makes up an estimated 95 percent of Venezuela’s foreign currency earnings. The fact that the price of crude oil has increased at a drastic rate of 75 percent since February of this year, bodes extremely well for the country’s economic position.

Even though the price of crude oil is expected to continue to rise of the near future, Venezuela will still have to contend with rampant inflation and food shortages before its economy is completely back on track. Luque adds that it remains to be seen how long it will take Venezuela to recover to a sense of normalcy.

William Skelley and iFunding Are Making Waves

William Skelley is an alternative investment professional and the founder of iFunding. Since 2012, he has been dedicated to the concept of accredited crowdfunding. He is the one who coined the term accredited crowdfunding. Accredited crowdfunding is an investment concept that collects small amounts of capital from small investors and uses it to make investments that a single individual may find hard to access. CrunchBase tells that Skelley previously worked as principal at Rose Park Advisors, which is a hedge fund company founded by Dr. Clayton Christensen and specializes in disruptive innovation. Other notable companies that he has worked for include General Electric and Olympus. His success and that of iFunding has seen him be named a member of the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders.”

On the 17th January 2016, iFunding held its first annual dinner, an event that took place at the Columbus Citizens Foundation in New York.  The organizer of the event, Michael Stoler, is the Managing Director of Madison Reality Capital. He hosts the weekly television show “The Stoler Report: NY’s Business Report” that talks about real estate and business trends in the region. Some of the companies that were represented at the dinner include Carlyle Group, Kushner Companies, Cushman and Wakefield, Merrill Lynch, CIT, and Bank of America.

Skelley is one of the early adopters of the real estate crowdfunding concept. The industry was launched right after the ruling of the Title II of the JOBS Act in 2012. After the ruling, he launched iFunding, an organization that has grown to become one of the biggest online real estate platforms. He holds the position of chief executive officer (CEO) at iFunding and is responsible for overseeing business development activities. He has managed real estate projects valued at more than 250 million.

iFunding facilitates debts and preferred equity fundraising for real estate properties that range from big family residences and apartment block estates to apartment towers, hotels and resorts, single-family homes, retail locations, malls, offices, and mixed-use buildings. The firm provides an excellent opportunity for accredited investors to make an investment with a minimum of $5000. They oversee every deal from start to end and avails detailed reports and information to investors that give investors insight into how their investment is being used.  Follow iFunding on Twitter, where Skelley tweets about real estate development and the future of the industry.

The Rise of the Visual Search Engine Shows Promise

A way to simplify the already simple process of using a search engine has arrived. Typing a keyword is not always going to be necessary. The arrival of visual search engine technology means running an image is all that is required. Keywords look for similar text. Images seek out other images. Again, the process is all very simple.

Visual search engines are sure to evolve over time . Maybe an image can be used to find text. Technology always builds on previous advancements. Such a unique approach to searching online may soon become a reality.

Those who wish to gain a little insight into the future of searching should look at the basic app produced by Slyce. The app is designed to search for products and merchandise through retail stores affiliated with the company.

Slyce’s original app was so amazingly successful the company developed a number of other apps and programs for consumers and retailers alike.

Slyce based its original app on Amazon Flow, the earliest of the visual search programs. Slyce’s far more expansive program built on the Amazon concept and is changing the way people search for merchandise.

Visual search engines and technology (read more at Slyce) are expanding beyond retail sales venues.  The number of images are surely well into the millions. Locating a specific image is not easy. By running a search of an image similar to what is sought, finding the desired image becomes a lot easier.

Currently, the growth of visual search technology is increasing at a steady pace. The popularity has not reached the same level as traditional search engines since the visual search version: http://slyce.it/ is still relatively new.

The numbers of people using visual search technology is positively sure to grow since the programming of the product recognition is not difficult to use. One social media visual search engine requires nothing more than putting copies of images into a box. From there, the necessary search is performed automatically.

This leads to the other reason why this type of technology is sure to grow in popularity. The simplicity embodied by its design ensures many users end up being willing to give it a try. Effective results from the searches are sure to keep the curious coming back and using the engines time and time again.

Why The Visual Search Engine Is A Top Class Internet Search Service

Internet browsing is one of the most performed tasks by most individuals around the world in this age. Nearly every moment you are on the internet searching on http://slyce.it/ for either this or that. The most discouraging part about surfing the internet is having to type in the keywords for the content you want to view.

There are also those issues or topics and even things you want to know of, but you just don’t know the appropriate keyword to use. Then this will limit your ability to access the information you needed from the internet. Have you ever seen a picture of something that interested you and you wanted to know more about it but you could not since the words on that picture where in another language? This is when you think if there was a way you could search using an image then your problem would have been solved.

For your information, their is a way you can search for something using an image. Slyce is an international internet technology solutions provider has come up with a search engine that enables you to search for images. This visual search engine is known as Scout. Slyce has over the years been on the frontline in improving the general user experience on the internet. Its new innovation, Scout, is a breakthrough towards achieving this dream.

Scout is a new generation search engine allows image search on both the smartphone and the computer. The Scout visual search engine is a one of a kind search engine that allows you to either snap a photo of the material you want to get information about or use an existing photo. This gives you the ability to get information on random photos you come across on the internet.

Scout works by providing you with information about your images and also showing where you can find the items on the image if you want to purchase it. Scout also provides a variety of online retailers who sell the items being searched with their prices. If the image’s information is limited on the internet, Scout goes ahead and provides other related or alternative products that may be of the same help as what you are looking for. Scout is very user-friendly as compared to word search engines.

Kevin Seawright Is Helping Newark Youngsters Get Jobs

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, and he has spent a lot of his life making sure that communities are better off than when he got there. There are a lot of people who have benefited from his work, and now he is trying to make sure that kids in Newark are able to get jobs. The city is not going to come back from decades of problems all at once, but Kevin Seawright knows that he can help kids who need to get jobs.

The summer employment program is going to help kids get jobs, and it is going to make it much easier for kids to feel like they are doing something productive. These kids cannot get relevant work experience because they know that they have to get something on their resumes. They have a hard time getting jobs because it is so hard to find work in the area, but he is putting these teens to work so they can learn about what he does.

Kevin Seawright told Local Talk News he knows that he cannot get all these kids to do the same work that he does, but he does know that he can train kids to do amazing work that they can use in the future. President Barack Obama started out doing the kind of work that Kevin Seawright does, and he wants to kids in the area to see that they will be able to do the same kinds of things even the President has done.

They know that these kids are going to be able to change their lives if they are learning how to make their communities better to live in. Every community is going to need some kids who have this training, and these kids are going to love the fact that they are doing something that makes Newark better for them and their families.

The summer employment program is great for kids who want to get a job, and Kevin Seawright is someone who teaches these kids to do great work. He trains them to improve communities, and he enjoys giving back. He is making the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation a place where families in Newark are getting to change their lives.  Check out Vizualize for Kevin’s full body of work.

Fox Focus Focused on NutriMost Weightloss Program

News 4 San Antonio, interviewed two women about their success losing weight with the NutriMost system.
The first woman was Jen McCommons, a physician assistant. She points out that Nutrimost works by determining how how the client’s metabolism is functioning and the body is working. The program is individualized. That includes their endocrine hormones. And it gives people the tools to keep the weight off, because that’s big issue in all weightloss. People go through a program of some kind, and it works, so they’re happy, until they go off the program and gain all the weight back. With NutriMost, people keep the weight off. Jen says she lost 35 pounds on NutriMost, and a total of 30 inches.

The other woman on the show, Ally Brown, a medical assistant, lost 20 pounds. She went from a size 10 to a size 2.

The way to get started is to go in for a free consultation, and get a body composition analysis. As part of that, they discover what the person’s metabolic age is. The chronological age is calendar age, but metabolic age is physiological.

As an example, Jen said she was 42 chronically when she began the program, but her metabolic age was 77. When someone joins the program, they get a scan does that identifies the foods that body prefers biologically. It also identifies the neurochemical disrupters present. By correcting those disrupters, they make the metabolism go back into healthy balance.

Jen identified energy as one of the side benefits of the program. She used to feel tired and achy after coming home from work, but now nobody can force her sit down.

FOX Focus: Lose weight with help from NutriMost, experts weigh in

Learn about the recipes: http://nutrimostrecipes.com/

Increasing Job Satisfaction Can Actually Minimize Job Turnover

If you think about the current world, there have been many changes that have come into play over the recent times. Times have not only changed in general, however, they have changed within the business world. For example, it used to be that if you went to a job and did your work then your reward was a paycheck. There was no need to have more or less because that was the entire deal. However, today’s society and the incoming workers are starting to demand something different.

The important thing to remember when you consider looking at the younger workers in today’s economy isn’t that they necessarily want something more.  If you can capitalize on this then you will not only have a much more diverse workforce, but you will also have a much more stable workforce as well. And, if you are a business owner, you already know the costs of stability.

The cost of having employees come in and trained in your systems and processes is already expensive. When you imagine just how much more expensive that can be if you are constantly turning them over and replacing them all of the time, then you can definitely see why you wouldn’t want to allow quality employees to leave.

Darius Fisher is not just an innovator of systems who understands the value of thinking outside of the box, but he is also a very intelligent man who put forth the framework on how to maximize the value of your current employees. Darius realizes that by taking a few extra steps to get employees on your side, then you could save greatly when you compare the costs to replacing an employee.

Regardless of what your actual role is or what sector your business falls into, when you think about the value that Darius Fisher is adding to the workplace then you can already see just how powerful his information and mindset of thinking outside of the box actually is.