How the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Works

During the 1980s and 1990s, fraud in the securities sector of the financial districts was running rampant. Business owners were raking in millions in fraudulent transactions while holding employees hostage from reporting schemes with the treat of losing their jobs if they opened their mouth. The Securities and Exchange Commission was aware there were problems, but no one would come forward to help expose those cheating the system. That changed in 2010 when Congress enacted Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform for combating financial fraud pertaining to securities. Whistleblower programs aimed to stop employers that were conducting fraud by providing employees a safer haven.

Violations to financial security laws could now be presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and employees were protected, as well as getting rewarded financially. When the reform went into effect in 2010, the law firm of Labaton Sucharow focused their company efforts on offering workers a safe place for consulting and exposing their employers that were conducting securities fraud. This law firm went full force by bringing in international forensic accountants, in-house investigators, and professional financial analysts, to support counsel for these growing number of whistleblowers.

Those employees that were being harassed with loss of job security spoke of the fraud being conducted at their jobs, and now they were able to bring an end to the harassment that was making their life and jobs miserable. The reward being offered to these whistleblowers was big, and under the rules of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform program, the SEC paid eligible employees a staggering 10-30% of all monetary sanctions that were being collected when successful Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement exceeded $1 million dollars. Another reason for this increase in reports was that the Dodd-Frank Act stopped any retaliation by those reported employers against these whistleblowers pursuant to the program rules.

Employers that were still conducting fraud against the financial sector began looking more carefully now at how they ran their companies because those harassing tactics used against employees in the past were no longer effective. The financial reward plus job security made it easier for employees to then anonymously file these complaints against their employers without worry of having to maintain difficult relationship with employers. Whistleblowers were now able to report securities violations with complete anonymity when represented by a lawyer specializing in these particular type cases.

Employees concerned about securities fraud taking place at work are advised to call a local attorney and ask about the SEC Whistleblower Program.

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Online Retailer Fabletics Speedily Opening Physical Stores

Many shoppers buy in the new “athlesiure” trend, a clothing style that allows for comfort and easy mobility. While shoppers are looking for a trustworthy brand, they don’t always want to pay high prices. Fabletics is a brand appropriate for the budget shopper.

Actress Kate Hudson co-founded Fabletics stores to share her passion for healthy lifestyles. The brand is also known as the “Kate Hudson brand”, as she is also the company’s spokesperson. The Fabletics store sells athletic wear for women, encouraging active lives. The company is beginning to expand its brand to men as well.

Kate Hudson shares her favorite outfits on the Fabletics website every month. Kate Hudson and co-CEOs Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg created Fabletics after they saw that there were few low-priced athletic gear options for women. The brand launched in 2013.

Fabletics mission in part states that it is to, “create clothing that inspires you to stay active our on-trend designs are high in quality at prices you’ll feel good about.” The mission also states that they have a community of people who embrace their mantra to “Live Your Passion”. The brand has appeared in magazines such as InStyle and People. Women can buy outfits for yoga, workouts, or just running around on errands.

An article on entitled “Fabletics Plans to Open 100 Stores in the Next Few Years” discusses plans to open 75 to 100 stores in the next 3 to 5 years. At the time of the article’s writing, February 2016, the seventh store was in plans to open. Today, only a few months later, there are 10 locations.

In the stores, customers can feel and try on clothes as well as join the online subscription service. Subscribers pay a fee to receive discounted outfits monthly. The program is popular on, with around half purchases made by subscribers, with 25 percent new members joining in stores.

In addition to the online store, Fabletics has several physical locations across the country in places such as Charlotte, Las Vegas, St. Louis, and Bloomington, MN in the Mall of America. The brand plans to expand to swimwear and dresses in the near future. Last year, men’s clothing and accessories were added to the selection.

Gregg Throgmartin, the president of Fabletics, states the customers like the flexibility of shopping on and offline. Having physical store locations allows for customers to explore the clothing hands-on. He says, “They’re not just shopping in one channel. They may want to go in the store, try it on, feel the fabric and then buy online that night.”

Throgmartin didn’t give details on locations of future stores, but stated that they use data received from online and the physical locations. A location like Mall of America receives over 40 million shoppers a year. Comparing numbers of online visitors and locations that attract shoppers help determine future locations.

With the popularity of the brand and planned expansions in products, new stores will continue to profit in years to come. The stylish, new “athleisure” brand will take part in encouraging men and women have more active lifestyles. Source:

Marc Sparks’ Zeal for Businesses

Marc A. Sparks is a widely known entrepreneur. He completed high school in the middle of the seventies. He lived in Austin, Texas at that time. Sparks has had an extremely busy and productive career since finishing his education.

He’s served as a principal for a vast number of startup organizations. Many of these organizations have done extremely well. Sparks is someone who is devoted to the idea of company creation. He likes to focus on concepts that seem rather unrealistic to other people.

Spark Tank is among Sparkss most recent efforts. It’s a social innovation experiment of sorts. The priority behind Spark Tank is to encourage social entrepreneurs to work hard and improve society. Social entrepreneurs who participate in Spark Tank can apply to receive grants of $5,000.

Some examples of prominent social organizations that have taken part in Spark Tank include Families to Freedom, Mommies in Need and House of Eli. Families to Freedom is a group that aims to assist children and mothers who have been plagued by the negative effects of violence in the home. Learn more about Marcs Sparks:

Mommies in Need is a group that offers complimentary childcare services to to mothers who are in the middle of dealing with medical concerns. The organization has aided women who have had dangerous pregnancies, significant surgeries and cancer.

House of Eli is a group that provides secure and reliable lodging for young men who have had to leave foster care due to age. The group also offers training and guidance to these youngsters. The objective at House of Eli is to get these young men ready for productive lives out in the world on their own.

Marcs Sparks is based in Dallas, Texas at the moment. Although he certainly has a lot on his plate with his many businesses, he also has other interests and pastimes. He penned a book that he called “They Can’t Eat You.”

Marc Sparks had a tough time writing this book. He had to delve deep into his past and discuss numerous business efforts that failed. Sparks believes that his readers will gain a lot of insight from his failure anecdotes.

Philanthropy is invaluable to Sparks. He truly enjoys assisting other people. That’s why he offers volunteer work to a Texas homeless shelter that’s known as The Samaritan Ann. According to GoodReads, Sparks has offered assistance to this shelter for approaching three decades now. Sparks also enjoys assisting others via construction work.

He regularly assists Habitat for Humanity and has been a major part of the building process for more than 12 distinct properties. Sparks spends a lot of time helping the American Can! Academy as well. This is a magnet high school group.

Sparks’ other hobbies include exercise and fishing.

The Historic legislation that focuses on protecting SEC Whistleblowers

A whistleblower is any individual that is willing to provide information on fraud to the Security and Exchange Committee. The whistleblower may be a single person or a group of individuals that volunteer to provide information on the possible violations of the federal security laws according to the procedures outlined by SEC. The program has been revised to include whistleblowers who are not necessarily employees of the involved institution. Any individual with information about a violation that has already taken place or is about to occur is given audience by the Security and Exchange Committee. The source of information on a possible fraud can be from the whistleblower’s investigations, or through their social interactions and observations.

Protection of the information can be provided to any person regardless of their citizenship. However, not all whistleblowers qualify for awards. A few exclusions are made when it comes to granting of individuals who report violations of the federal laws. Some of the excluded parties include compliance personnel and auditors. Exceptions apply in certain cases such as when the company under investigations is engaging in activities that interfere with the investigations. The exclusions are also made to prevent possible substantial injury to the financial interest of the organization or its investors. Whistleblowers are encouraged to consult a lawyer or go through the SEC rules keenly to understand the concept of monetary awards.

Whistleblowers are provided some benefits such as protection against suspension or expulsion from their jobs. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act forbids any employer from punishing their employees due to reporting a federal violation act to the SEC. Whistleblowers are protected by the law of retaliation as long as they believe that the report they have is related to a possible violation of the federal security laws. The act also permits whistleblowers to provide information to SEC without necessarily having to reveal their identity.

The historic legislation that focused on protecting whistleblowers from harassment and intimidation led to the development of law firms that introduced practices that exclusively focused on protecting the whistleblowers. The first law firm to launch such practice was the Labaton Sucharow Law Firm. The company’s Whistle Blower Representation Practice has a world-class team of investigators and financial analysts that provide unmatched services to whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is in charge of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Thomas is the former Director and Assistant of the Chief Litigation Counsel. He used to work for the Division of Enforcement at the Security and Exchange Committee before moving to the Whistleblower Representation Practice.

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How to Plan the Perfect Party

Is she, as has been alluded to by some, the millennial Martha Stewart? Perhaps, Lauren Conrad has built a very impressive empire for herself with two fashion collections (Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad), nine books many of which are New York Times best Sellers, and 10 million followers on social media. But Lauren Conrad isn’t stopping there, she is currently launching an online fair trade site The Little Market and yet another book titled Celebrate. In her recent article in Redbook, Conrad shares her personal party planning tips. Conrad’s biggest tip for party planners is to focus on having fun instead of obsessing about making the perfect party. Conrad advises that if the party is too pristine your guests may not feel comfortable and that does not make for a fun party for anyone, you or your guests. So take a deep breath, keep your party simple and enjoy your time with your guests.

If party planning isn’t exactly your forte, then event planners may be your best option. Twenty Three Layers is a great event planning company in the New York City area. Twenty Three Layers is owned and operated by Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman who bring a combined 16+ years of event planning expertise to this exceptional company. Both ladies have extensive experience planning events both large and small and from very professional, to elegant to whimsically fun; these two women have what it takes to pull off any event with gusto.

Twenty Three Layers has a variety of different options depending on whether the event is personal/social, a corporate function or a nonprofit event. No matter the event, Twenty Three Layers take care of everything for your event including staffing, floral arrangements, talent booking, custom printing, invitations, on site event management and more. When choosing Twenty Three Layers you can be sure that you will have the event you dreamed of without having to fuss over any details or little problems that plague any party hostess and instead focus, as Conrad advised, on enjoying the party and having fun with your guests.

Andy Wirth Provides His Insights On How California Ski Resorts Shall Be Affected By The Drought

In the past month, Californians cut their water usage by 27% as compared to two years ago. People are concerned about the drought more than any other matter. In the recent times, California suffered the worst drought that affected ski resorts. Most resorts had to work with less snow, thus closing earlier than scheduled.

Recently, Andy asserted that they had experienced a tough winter that saw a decline of 20% in performance compared to last year. I heard the interview on KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand.

Andy Wirth posited that they have managed to report impressive profit margins irrespective of the low amount of snow.

Andy asserted that the Ski resort and Alpine-Meadow as well as other resorts have been using scientific methods to make and manage the amount of snow. Andy anticipates having 4000 acres of snow even though December and January had substantially below-average snow.

When asked about the elnino, Andy said that he was working with meteorologists from Colorado State University and other institutions. They were more concerned with the presence of moisture and temperatures. Andy continued to posit that he foresaw a colder winter than the past four.

Andy was optimistic that the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridges would result into warm temperatures. When asked about the future of the resorts based on the existing weather, Andy Wirth said that he was much concerned with the volatility of weather.

According to Andy, increased volatility of weather would enable him to realize his business model for the long term. He reiterated on his ability to make snow besides undertaking other business adjustments.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth said that they are sold out all summer long. In addition, he spoke about hedging their business for both summer and winter besides preparing more for summer visitation, activities and events.

This includes summer weddings, meetings and events. Andy says that he started from a resource side but he developed an interest in weather patterns. As part of his legacy, Andy said that as a resource manager, he manages the 6,000-acre property with the deserved seriousness.

He continued to assert that he would love to adjust the business model in line with the increased volatility in weather patterns in order to reduce carbon footprints. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

About Andy Wirth

Andy is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy developed a passion for skydiving in the recent years. However, in October 2013, Andy had an accident that saw him land in a vineyard. His right arm was severed. He experienced blood loss.

Through his family’s support, friends and therapists, Andy was able to recover very well. A few surgeons reattached his arm. From his accident, Andy made friends with a group of Navy SEALS who were training in Squaw Valley.

Their counsel, spirit and narrative played an important role towards his recovery. Through the Seals, Andy created a team known as Special Warfare Warrior.

The team has been involved in generating support and donations for the Navy Seal Foundation. The foundation provides support to the Naval Special Warfare Community.

A Doxxing Dilemma Can Be Fixed

Techies may be familiar with terms such as “doxxed” and “doxxing”. The average person who uses the internet, however, may not know what the words mean. Regardless, those “average persons” may end up becoming major victims of a doxxing disaster.

Doxxing refers to document dumping. Documents end up being released online without the permission of those whose names are presented on the documents. Highly personal documents such as tax returns, bank accounts, and private emails are not the only things that can be published online. Social media content that was not intended for large audiences could be broadcasted without permission. The Daily Beast published an article intended to raise awareness about doxxing. Darius Fisher of Status Labs lent his expertise to the article.

The article points out there are scores of ways personal information finds its way to the internet. In some cases, simple oversights and lack of knowledge lead to major problems. Millions upon millions of people post on social media. They might not realize, however, poor privacy settings can lead to presumably private posts being indexed by the search engines. If the content has been indexed, then anyone can read it. Embarrassing or very personal information may be available for others to use for their own means. Identity theft could even start from the release of social media posts or videos. Hence, changing privacy settings is an extremely good idea.

So is getting personal information removed from any and all data mining and resource sites. These online entities publish addresses, phone numbers, and full names of people without their consent. Thankfully, a simple request may lead to the content being removed.

Darius Fisher and Status Labs not only offer general advice on dealing with doxxing. Clients who sign on with Fisher’s firm can access the expertise necessary to address public relations and search engine controversies. Fisher co-founded the firm a few years ago and have been honored with industry awards for his work.

Why has Darius Fisher been named a top honoree among a number of prestigious awards? Fisher has been incredibly successful as the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Revenues to the company have increased dramatically as Fisher is always out there promoting the company and proving the benefits of working with Status Labs.

Shea Butter: An All Natural Ingredient With Great Power

If you’ve never heard of shea butter, you’re in for a real treat. This all natural, organic ingredient is one used in many formulas of skincare. Whether it’s in a lotion, cream or anti-aging product, its no secret that it possesses many benefits to people worldwide.

If you are unfamiliar with why shea butter is as popular as it is, here are some of the reasons why people find this ingredient so desirable. Shea butter comes from an African Shea Tree that produces fruit. The seeds of that fruit create a fat, butter-like ingredient, and that is what we know as the shea butter. Believe it or not, shea butter is used in many recipes, since it is natural and safe to digest. Use this on your stomach and sides during pregnancy to promote stretch mark free skin. It has been proven to increase elasticity, therefore getting rid of stretch marks is something it really can do. Also, it helps your skin produce collagen the natural way, without artificial procedures or products. Say you’ve hurt yourself, and your skin has swelled up. Apply shea butter to the wound, and your swelling is sure to disappear in no time. Shea butter is found in many lip treatments to ensure the softest lips. Pure shea butter, will do even more wonders. Shea butter really is a miracle ingredient with many, many different uses.

You will love the brand Eugenia Shea if you’re looking to get some of these great benefits with shea butter. They have three formulas that are all very trusted, buzzed about and have specific uses. You can use the everyday strength formula to keep your body moisturized, always. Use the dermatological ones if you have any skin issues, such as excema. This will help make that rough, patchy skin heal and turn to normal, moisturized skin. The pregnancy formula says it all- use while pregnant to ensure less visible stretch marks and lines. Eugenia Shea is a great brand to go with if you are looking for natural, pure shea butter in its finest form.

The Benefits of IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that provides unique and tailored solutions to companies and governments that have presented challenged that are being faced. IAP Worldwide works hard to not only secure the happiness of the customer, but to also ensure that every employee and member of the community is happy and is being taken care of. IAP Worldwide Services is not only a company that stresses the importance of ingenuity, but it is also a company that stresses the importance of encouraging creativity and flexibility with all provided solutions. IAP understands that no solution or problem is standard which is why this company has hired to best and the brightest employees that can solve presented challenges in a variety of industries.

From day one, this company has been involved in helping build a greater and brighter future for the communities around the world. In 1953, when this company was founded, IAP was involved in various projects such as the first launched shuttle into the United States. Ever since this successful mission, IAP has been involved in over 2,500 missions to outer space. These involved missions include the early air-breathing missiles as well as the manned shuttle programs. With ingenuity and expertise, this company has become a premier consulting firm for the engineering industry in over 25 countries around the world.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

Other industries that this company is heavily involved with include the renewable energy industry as well as the communication industry. IAP believes that electricity and other types of energy should not be limited to richer countries. Instead, electricity should be a right rather than a luxury. With renewable energy in mind, IAP Worldwide has even partnered up with some of the largest electricity companies in the world with the purpose of creating new solutions to have electricity available in even the most rural areas. IAP has become dedicated to using renewable energy as a solution to offer electricity and other forms of energy to impoverished regions around the world.

this 60 year old company plans to continue to growing as the ingenuity and purpose of this company has always been ahead of its time. At IAP Worldwide, the company stresses flexibility and agility to all services. As a successful company, consultants understand that each solution must be tailored specifically to the presented problem. As a growing company, IAP plans to further expand into more countries around the world that require assistance.

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How Does Kenneth Goodgame Make True Value Look Great?

The True Value names conjures a lot of images that people remember from their youth. They remember going into these stores to find the things they needed, and they remember how easy it was to shop there because the stores were merchandised in a simple manner. It is that old hardware store feel that Kenneth Goodgame wants to keep alive, and he is trying to make sure that the company still has that look when he has new customers come in. He has done a lot of work to be sure that people will get the results they need, and he wants them to feel comfortable once they pass through the door.

The people that come into these stores are having an experience that Kenneth Goodgame put together for them, and he has made sure that all the stores look the same. It is a nice piece of consistency that people are loving when they are shopping, and it makes them want to come back to True Value in the future. It is also a place where they can bring their kids because it is such a nice place for them to visit. It gives them a chance to feel like they are going back in time, and they can still buy the modern things they need.

Kenneth Goodgame is a marketing and merchandising guru who has proven that he company is the only one that can offer this experience. He wants to be sure that all the people who are coming to see his stores get that same warm feeling when they come in, and he wants to keep that up with the modern tools they need to buy. He is able to make the True Value name mean something beyond what people are used to, and he has succeeded in changing their image.