Marc Sparks’ Zeal for Businesses

Marc A. Sparks is a widely known entrepreneur. He completed high school in the middle of the seventies. He lived in Austin, Texas at that time. Sparks has had an extremely busy and productive career since finishing his education.

He’s served as a principal for a vast number of startup organizations. Many of these organizations have done extremely well. Sparks is someone who is devoted to the idea of company creation. He likes to focus on concepts that seem rather unrealistic to other people.

Spark Tank is among Sparkss most recent efforts. It’s a social innovation experiment of sorts. The priority behind Spark Tank is to encourage social entrepreneurs to work hard and improve society. Social entrepreneurs who participate in Spark Tank can apply to receive grants of $5,000.

Some examples of prominent social organizations that have taken part in Spark Tank include Families to Freedom, Mommies in Need and House of Eli. Families to Freedom is a group that aims to assist children and mothers who have been plagued by the negative effects of violence in the home. Learn more about Marcs Sparks:

Mommies in Need is a group that offers complimentary childcare services to to mothers who are in the middle of dealing with medical concerns. The organization has aided women who have had dangerous pregnancies, significant surgeries and cancer.

House of Eli is a group that provides secure and reliable lodging for young men who have had to leave foster care due to age. The group also offers training and guidance to these youngsters. The objective at House of Eli is to get these young men ready for productive lives out in the world on their own.

Marcs Sparks is based in Dallas, Texas at the moment. Although he certainly has a lot on his plate with his many businesses, he also has other interests and pastimes. He penned a book that he called “They Can’t Eat You.”

Marc Sparks had a tough time writing this book. He had to delve deep into his past and discuss numerous business efforts that failed. Sparks believes that his readers will gain a lot of insight from his failure anecdotes.

Philanthropy is invaluable to Sparks. He truly enjoys assisting other people. That’s why he offers volunteer work to a Texas homeless shelter that’s known as The Samaritan Ann. According to GoodReads, Sparks has offered assistance to this shelter for approaching three decades now. Sparks also enjoys assisting others via construction work.

He regularly assists Habitat for Humanity and has been a major part of the building process for more than 12 distinct properties. Sparks spends a lot of time helping the American Can! Academy as well. This is a magnet high school group.

Sparks’ other hobbies include exercise and fishing.