Luxury Hospital Copa Star

Copa Star is a high end hospital located in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. Having been completed in the second half of 2016 Copa Star is one of, if not the, most modern medical facilities in Brazil. The hospital is designed to provide a high level of luxury to its high-end patients and has the staff, technology, facilities, and services designed to provide them with the highest level of care. The hospital on has stated that their goal is to always offer exclusivity, luxury and high technology.

The hospital was built by the owners of the Copa Star, Rede D’Or São Luiz. The completed hospital features 21,000 square meters of space and has seven floors with a total of 150 beds. Copa Star features 45 Intensive Care Units, 9 operating rooms, and a diagnostic center. It was also built in an environmentally friendly fashion as the exterior features a Laminate Ventilated Facade System. In addition to helping keep the exterior of the building clean and contamination free it also reduces the energy costs of the building by 30% to 50%.

Copa Star incorporates “The Smart Hospitality” system. This system enables patients to contact their care team through an exclusive Ipad app. The app also gives patients the ability to use the autonomous features included throughout the hospital. Through the app patients can cause the lights to be turned up and down and cause the curtains to be opened or closed.

Adding to the luxury in the hotel Copa Star has displayed 231 pieces of art designed by well known Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota. Another high end amenity designed for their upscale patients and visitors is the inclusion of a 24 hour gourmet restaurant.

The Copa Star is designed from the ground up to provide its patients luxurious accommodations. The idea it was designed around is to be a 5 star hospital, much like a 5 star hotel. As well privacy features for patients are built in throughout the hospital. Both the entrances and exits are built in such a way that patients can come and go from the hospital in total privacy on The staff of the hospital receives specialty training in the unique needs of their patients so that they are always properly handled.

However, despite the luxuries, the Copa Star has emphasized they are first and foremost there to provide the highest levels of quality medical care. The Copa Star has the facilities and staff to provide neurological and cardiac care in addition to other injuries and diseases. To provide this level of care the Copa Star has smart operating rooms that make use of robotics. The goal of Copa Star is to provide world-class healthcare while also providing a luxurious environment.