Luciana Lóssio is Sworn In As Brazil’s new Electoral Court Minister.

The 26th of January seemed to be a good day for Luciana Lóssio, as she was sworn in as the minister of the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil. Luciana was granted this position after the retirement of the previous Minister Arnaldo Versiani. The ceremony took place inside the Superior Electoral Court. The Superior Electoral Court consists of seven seats, each which must be filled by lawyers who have shown exemplary talent in the field.


Luciana Lóssio’s has had an excellent career in the field of law, serving individuals, some of whom are government officials. She is extremely well versed in the field and is regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country. Luciana has always been extremely career focused, performing exceptionally well in any job she takes on. She has always strived to help people who have had their basic human rights stripped away from them.


Luciana pursued a degree in law from the Centro Universitário de Brasília in 1999 and went on to get the approval of the Brazilian Bar Association in the same year. Lóssio has always had a keen interest in learning and believes that education and knowledge are key elements in helping one grow. She then went on to attain a degree post graduate certifications in various specializations of the law including Civil Procedure Law and State and Constitution Law. She believes that the knowledge she gained through these courses helped her become a notable figure in her field and has helped her grow as an individual.


Luciana had worked at the Attorney General’s Office before she was nominated for this position. At the AGO, she was mentored by Cláudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro both of who served as former attorney generals. Luciana served as an advisor on numerous cases and legal proceedings. She is known to have a keen eye for the finer details of cases and is known for always knowing the right course of action. Through hard work and dedication to the field, she has risen above the rest. She also has a great ability to tackle the most difficult of cases and deal with situations effectively.


With her appointment, Luciana Lóssio is currently one of the seven judges at the Superior Electoral Court. Luciana was picked by the Supreme Court owing to her excellent skill in the field of law. She believes in absolute professionalism in any job she is tasked with, be it advising on a case, or being a member of the Superior Electoral Court.