Kevin Seawright Is Helping Newark Youngsters Get Jobs

Kevin Seawright is the CFO of the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, and he has spent a lot of his life making sure that communities are better off than when he got there. There are a lot of people who have benefited from his work, and now he is trying to make sure that kids in Newark are able to get jobs. The city is not going to come back from decades of problems all at once, but Kevin Seawright knows that he can help kids who need to get jobs.

The summer employment program is going to help kids get jobs, and it is going to make it much easier for kids to feel like they are doing something productive. These kids cannot get relevant work experience because they know that they have to get something on their resumes. They have a hard time getting jobs because it is so hard to find work in the area, but he is putting these teens to work so they can learn about what he does.

Kevin Seawright told Local Talk News he knows that he cannot get all these kids to do the same work that he does, but he does know that he can train kids to do amazing work that they can use in the future. President Barack Obama started out doing the kind of work that Kevin Seawright does, and he wants to kids in the area to see that they will be able to do the same kinds of things even the President has done.

They know that these kids are going to be able to change their lives if they are learning how to make their communities better to live in. Every community is going to need some kids who have this training, and these kids are going to love the fact that they are doing something that makes Newark better for them and their families.

The summer employment program is great for kids who want to get a job, and Kevin Seawright is someone who teaches these kids to do great work. He trains them to improve communities, and he enjoys giving back. He is making the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation a place where families in Newark are getting to change their lives.  Check out Vizualize for Kevin’s full body of work.

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