James O’Keefe Foils His Own Plot to Infiltrate George Soros Group

George Soros is the chairman and creator of a network of foundations that span over more than 100 countries, named Opens Society. His foundation aims to ensure that the civil rights of all people are respected and the government is held accountable for its own actions.

Open Society of George Soros began in 1979 and originally provided scholarships to underprivileged South African natives. By the 1980’s the group was aimed at undermining the existence of communism by helping recreate books and texts that had been banned by the government. Over the years, they have also been known to provide legal representation to people who are being held for unlawful reasons in foreign countries, including refugees from areas with known military conflict.

Governments Fear Soros’ Power

According to reports from CNN, the National Prosecutor’s Office in Russia has announced an official ban of George Soros‘ group. The explanation given for banning the group from the Russian State was that they are undesirable and a threat to the Russian constitutional system.

This ban took a large portion of the world by surprise considering that the Open Society Foundation is aimed at helping countries transition into a democracy, and Russia is already a democracy, which should make them allies.

James O’Keefe Foils His Own Plans to Infiltrate Open Society

James O’Keefe is a well-known conservative activist who has recently proven that he cannot keep a secret, even when it is his own. James O’Keefe has always been known as a well-educated man with good intentions, but an amateurish approach. O’Keefe has been known to attack topics before he has developed a full understanding of them, and is the poster child for jumping the gun on a multitude of issues.

Unfortunately, through all of his education, he forgot to learn how to hang up a cellphone after leaving a voicemail.

James O’Keefe placed a call to the Open Society Foundation and left a message, where he identified himself as a man named “Victor Kesh, and would like to get involved in the foundation.” After he finished leaving the voicemail, he forgot to hang up the telephone. He immediately turned around and explained his exact plan to infiltrate the group to a person in the room with him who has yet to be identified. The voicemail recorded 10 minutes of a conversation that explained his entire plan and the results he was looking to obtain by infiltrating Soros’ group.

The voicemail was then forwarded from the telephone it was recorded on to the president of the foundation. The foundation president openly admits that it is a little weird hearing them talk about infiltrating a peace group as though it were a military effort, but it was obvious that O’Keefe did not understand the interworking’s of the foundation.

People and groups who understand how George Soros’ charity group works find the recording of militant sounding operation very amusing. What they found even more amusing is that O’Keefe did not show even a basic understanding of how the charity works.



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