IT Staffing and Solutions Principal

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant LLC, an IT Solutions and Staffing company. The company is the result of a merger between Info Technologies Inc., a company founded and owned by Goullet, and Diversant Inc., a company owned and operated by Gene Waddy, the current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant.

Diversant is the largest IT Solutions and Staffing company that is African-American owned. They serve and work with many areas of the US economy such as banking, financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. They analyze what firms in these areas need as far as IT staffing requirements, and they provide advice on starting and maintaining diversity initiatives. When firms needed highly trained and skilled IT experts, they call upon Diversant to meet their needs, and provide the right individual for their special situation. Diversant also assists firms if they desire to make direct hires. Their assistance includes finding the right individual for that permanent job.

This is an area where John Goullet has devoted to professional life to making a difference. He was a computer consultant and a staffing account executive prior to founding Info Technologies in 1994. He developed an expertise in understanding what corporations need, and then meeting those needs with the proper staffing. Under his leadership, Info Technologies became one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

As principal of Diversant, Goullet continues to meet the demands of IT staffing. Nothing stays the same in IT, and he is able to provide staffing that is state of the art. The firms that use the services of John Goullet and Diversant know that they are in good hands.

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