How to Plan the Perfect Party

Is she, as has been alluded to by some, the millennial Martha Stewart? Perhaps, Lauren Conrad has built a very impressive empire for herself with two fashion collections (Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad), nine books many of which are New York Times best Sellers, and 10 million followers on social media. But Lauren Conrad isn’t stopping there, she is currently launching an online fair trade site The Little Market and yet another book titled Celebrate. In her recent article in Redbook, Conrad shares her personal party planning tips. Conrad’s biggest tip for party planners is to focus on having fun instead of obsessing about making the perfect party. Conrad advises that if the party is too pristine your guests may not feel comfortable and that does not make for a fun party for anyone, you or your guests. So take a deep breath, keep your party simple and enjoy your time with your guests.

If party planning isn’t exactly your forte, then event planners may be your best option. Twenty Three Layers is a great event planning company in the New York City area. Twenty Three Layers is owned and operated by Jessica Boskoff and Sarah Freedman who bring a combined 16+ years of event planning expertise to this exceptional company. Both ladies have extensive experience planning events both large and small and from very professional, to elegant to whimsically fun; these two women have what it takes to pull off any event with gusto.

Twenty Three Layers has a variety of different options depending on whether the event is personal/social, a corporate function or a nonprofit event. No matter the event, Twenty Three Layers take care of everything for your event including staffing, floral arrangements, talent booking, custom printing, invitations, on site event management and more. When choosing Twenty Three Layers you can be sure that you will have the event you dreamed of without having to fuss over any details or little problems that plague any party hostess and instead focus, as Conrad advised, on enjoying the party and having fun with your guests.