How Does Weather Research Progress In Venezuela?

Millions of lives are lost every year because of extreme weather, and there are meteorologists like David Osio who want to learn how all the worst weather forms. They go looking for the worst weather systems, and they study them as much as they can. One of the most intense weather systems in the world is over Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, and there is so much lightning that it can be studied over 300 days a year. There are about 200 strikes a minute, and there is so much lightning that anyone can get good data on the situation.
There is a great New York Times piece about how the Venezuelan government has allowed a lot of scientists to come in and study the lightning. They will learn a lot from what they see, and they can apply that information to other parts of the world where there is a need for more weather information. Using the lightning studies in Venezuela to help save lives is very important, and someone who wants to see how weather forms should watch the winds come off the mountains and over the lake.

Lake Maracaibo according to Visual CV study has become one of the great wonders of the world because the lightning over the lake is a spectacle. The people in the area are being studied to learn how lightning hurts them, and they are welcoming anyone who can glean something from the fierce lake lightning.

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