Don Ressler’s Vision For Fabletics

Fabletics have revolutionized the societies view about the use of “athleisure” clothing. With their innovative ideas, this type of clothing has moved from just exercise attires into trendy outfits. To this end, more people are purchasing the attires leading to a sudden growth of the industry. One of the business leaders that has guided Fabletics through this journey is Don Ressler, Fabletics’ Co-CEO.

Don Ressler is known for his ability to spot trends and turn them into industry-leading brands. This has been his objective at both JustFab and Fabletics. However, Ressler’s inspiration for “athleisure” clothing comes from his personal life. According to the executive, he and his wife are passionate about fitness. This passion comes from a long history, which dates back to their school lives. As college students, the two were athletes and enjoyed donning athletic wear. However, these attires were not fashionable. This situation provided them with an opportunity to design athletic wear with stylish and affordable products. Convinced that their idea could sell, the couple met with Kate Hudson, who embraced the idea.

Despite many fashion companies joining the field of “athleisure,” Don Ressler is convinced that they will not affect Fabletics’ business. He points out that Fabletics is not a brand meant for tennis or yoga, it is designed to enable people workout without compromising on their fashion sense. Fabletics’ premium performance products enhance customer satisfaction, thus growth of the company.

Don Ressler believes that their latest product, FL2, is for men. Whether an individual is coaching a game, hanging with friends or working out, FL2 is designed to perform effectively and ensure that the user is comfortable. The product has also been designed in a stylish manner. With this product, the company seeks to expand its customer base from just women to all genders.

Recently, the co-CEO and other leaders at Fabletics reached an agreement to establish physical Fabletics stores on Bloomberg. The company has been operating online since it was founded. Ressler believes that having brick and mortar retail stores will increase the company’s client base by capturing individuals that prefer to shop in traditional stores.

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is a successful businessman. He is associated with many companies, including Intelligent Beauty, and Alena Media. Under his leadership, Intelligent Beauty has created various brands such as DERMSTORE, SENSA and JustFab. In 2013, he developed the Fabkids brand to capture JustFab’s clients who had kids. Ressler’s transformative leadership has seen many investors such as Matrix Partners investing millions of dollars in brands owned by Intelligent Beauty.