Diversant for Everyone!!!!

John Gullet has enjoyed working for and leading many companies after his graduation almost 40 years ago from Ursinus College. He started and built Info Technologies into the largest African-American owned informational technology company in the United States. One thing that he deeply values is diversity in the workplace.

John Goullet says there are many advantages to having a diverse workplace. He urges those he helps at Fortune 500 companies to harness the energy of a diverse workplace, especially when it comes to product innovation and development.

Research proves that what John has observed is true. Those employees who work in a diverse workplace usually produce better results, as long as no one is allowed to feel like an outsider.

People who work in diverse workplaces assume that they have to work harder to reduce conflicts within the organization. Therefore, he urges employers to consider their hiring practices. He says that those employers who are always returning to the same places, such as college alumni groups, to find employees are doing their organization a disservice. Instead, he urges looking in new places or working with a staffing firm to find new employees that do not fit the current mold.

While reflecting on his experiences at earlier companies that he worked at including Germini America, 3rd Informational Services, the Constell Group and Computer Sciences Corporation, that those with more diverse workplaces were more creative. Groups within these organizations were usually more willing to consider alternatives before deciding which path they felt the company should follow.

He urges that bringing in one employee that is not part of a homogeneous group is not enough. Instead, he urges that employers keep groups balanced allowing everyone to feel free to speak their minds. When just one person is seen as different, workers within the workplace may bully that individual and productivity may actually go down.

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