Cotemar Mexico: The future of Green Oil Production

Cotemar is a Mexican company headquartered at Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. The company was founded in 1979. The company has been serving in the oil industry for the past 36 years. They are part of the offshore oil sector and contribute to the production of hydrocarbons. Their business is also focused on food and lodging, marine operations and maintenance, construction, and engineering.


The mission of the company is offering products and services in the oil industry which meet the highest standards of quality, safety, environmental protection and effectiveness to their clients. Cotemar aspires to be a be a world-class sustainable oil company in the energy sector, renowned for its excellence in generating value and offering innovative quality solutions. The contributing factors to the vision they aspire to achieve is their high send of responsibility to both the environment and their people.


Their dedication to practicing a green business process is seen in their Quality,Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Policy. The policy aims towards compliance with the international, legal and regulatory standards through employing innovative methods of work and technologies that propel the company as the best option in the market. All there operations follow a strict guidance manual that is based on securing and protecting the physical and mental integrity of their employees as a preventive measurement of incidents and injuries in the daily work through a constant risk assessment. The safety of their employees is their number one priority. The environment which they believe in protecting also include their internal community and the community of their employees. All the managerial systems which Cotemar invests in guarantees high quality in operations and services.


Cotemar Mexico is more than a Mexican organization. It is the hero behind the quiet petroleum transformation in Mexico. This has made a gigantic commitment to the oil and gas industry in the nation and abroad with its perfect administration quality and guidelines alongside a wide assortment of administrations. Their commitment towards their customers, partners, employees and shareholders, also with the government, society and competitors they follow a self mandated Code of Ethics and Conduct which was established by the senior management and it expresses their commitment to assure the highest ethical standards of performance.


To Cotemar, the Code of Ethics and Conduct is what defines their values and principles which govern the actions of their employees and expectations of their stakeholders. In one of Cotemar’s recent contributions to the surrounding community was made in December of last year where Cotmar started a non-profit or political interests program that provides medical care for the people of in Villa Cuichapa.

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