Orange Coast College Opens New 5 acre Sized Recycling Center

Orange Coast College is one of the nation’s largest community colleges. OCC was funded in 1947 and classed began in 1948. Currently OCC enrolls roughly 25,000 students each semester. Orange Coast College is known for its impressive rowing team that often competes at national competitions and has rowers who go on to participate in events such as the Olympics. OCC is also one of the top transfer colleges in Orange County California. Learn more:


Recently Orange Coast College has been experiencing tremendous changes that will benefit not only the campus but also the community. One of these changes is the addition of a Starbucks coffee to the campus. OCC is currently the only community college campus in Orange County that has a Starbucks. OCC also had received many hefty donations to help renovate and build on to the existing planetarium on campus. The previous planetarium only had fewer than 40 seats and was not very impressive. The new planetarium will benefit field trips and the community as well as OCC students because it will have about 150 seats and contain a pendulum that measures the rotation of the earth. OCC is also renovating its art building. Learn more:


In addition to these amazing campus renovations Orange Coast College also expanded their recycling donation center. The recycling center was previously a small club that was organized to help collect paper, plastics and oil form the community. The lot consisted of under a dozen parking spots and those who worked at it did not have many employee amenities. The new center will have an employee break room and showers so workers can clean up before returning to class. The new recycling center is a $7.5 million facility that has been constructed on the Northern edge of the Costa Mesa campus. It takes up about 5 acres of space and has 45 parking spaces. This new facility will be able to better service the surrounding communities and make a large impact on the eco-system. The new facility is able to accept household electronics, scrap metal, batteries and fluorescent light tubes in addition to the standard plastic, paper and grease.