Leader in Charter Education Dick DeVos Rises Again

When it comes to a city that is struggling, Detroit fits the bill. Filled with crime, uneducated students, and a lot of internal government struggles, the city needed help and fast. It needed a hero and philanthropist like Dick DeVos. He didn’t write people off before he met them. He knew they wanted to get ahead.


DeVos saw that many people were willing to work and put in effort, even in Detroit. He wanted to help those who were struggling to make ends meet and who valued education and business ethics. He put his business success to fast work, bringing together many people to help achieve better outcomes for all those in Michigan.


DeVos is the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which gave $90 million to various faith based organizations, social centers, and schools in 2013. Part of that money also went to the arts. He has given over $1 billion in his lifetime, which says a lot about his willingness to pitch in toward community efforts.


Some of the initiatives he has led include getting kids into better schools by helping their parents pay for them with vouchers and tax credits. This was because the public schools were failing. Another initiative was helping kids get into the college of their choice by raising funding from public institutions and putting in over $7 million of his very own money.


In addition, he has helped numerous people get off the streets. Basic services have been lacking in the inner cities of Detroit. He decided to work with churches to get people basic care, government documents, and job training programs. Some attendees were able to turn their life around with a job and apartment in barely over a month. Such goodness can happen when philanthropists like Dick DeVos use their influence to help the community at large.


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