New Information On Financial Risks Is Available In US Money Reserve’s Ebook

Economic troubles may be one of the greatest fears in the world today, and a company who understands this very well is US Money Reserve.  US Money Reserve is a privately-owned distributor of precious metals based in Austin, TX that is committed to helping people learn how to buy gold.

To further this effort they’ve written an ebook on protecting wealth against world conflicts titled “2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money.” Alongside this free-to-download ebook is a sale on American Eagle 1/10 gold coins that only lasts for a limited period of time.

US Money Reserve has strived to separate itself from the rest of the gold and silver companies by providing users with the most professional but friendly service.  Their website has been changed to allow for easy navigation and to be more aesthetically appealing to younger customers.

Now all devices including tablets and smartphones can be used to browse through photos and make purchases from the catalog.  The website is also connected to precious metal charts and prices, and customers can see how they’re performing in the NYSE.  US Money Reserve has become the company it has in large part because Philip N. Diehl has brought good business practices to it.

Philip N. Diehl served as 35th US Mint Director before joining US Money Reserve.  He helped bring updated infrastructure to the Mint and also had a high-tech website designed that had gold and silver information explained in detail.  The Mint made profits totaling over $2 billion and Diehl received high commendations from then President Bill Clinton. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

He’s been a part of discussions with financial news organizations about new minting practices such as eliminating the penny and bringing in the liberty platinum coin.  Diehl joined US Money Reserve because they’ve valued good ethics in business.

US Money Reserve offers incentives to customers who are buying gold for the first time, and they’ve also published a free information kit.  Included in this kit are the steps involved with moving funds from an IRA into a gold and silver portfolio.

If customers are having difficulty getting a payment for US Money Reserve’s products to go through, they can receive help through Client-Connect Advantage which has offline support and 24/7 service.  You can immediately purchase gold and silver by visiting