Desiree Perez Is As Tough As They Get

In case you haven’t been paying attention, women have made quite the splash behind the scenes in the music industry lately. Typically, men have dominated this industry but the game is changing. One woman who has risen to prominence is Roc Nation’s Chief Operating Officer, Desiree Perez. Perez was recently named by Billboard as one of 2017 most influential women in music. While this may seem like an overnight success to some, Desiree has been a force for years. She has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry and is known in music circles as perhaps the toughest negotiator in the business.

Named the COO of Roc Nation by Jay-Z, Desiree also runs his SC Enterprises. She has been involved in the New York scene for two decades as a successful business owner and nightclub manager. She has been a friend of Jay-Z and other industry royalty and took over at Roc Nation in 2009. She has successfully negotiated several deals, including Rhianna’s Samsung deal and Beyoncé’s Formation stadium deal. She is own of the best deal makers in the music industry, so it is no wonder why Jay-Z wants her on the team. Under her guidance, Roc Nation has become a powerhouse in the music game, easily one of the most powerful forces in the United States. She dogged determination and loyalty makes her a tough out at the negotiation table. She is truly one of the most successful women in the entire music industry and that will only continue.

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A Positive Thinking Man – George Soros

George Soros is admired by many people because of the good work he does around the world. He helps other people that are in need. They can come from all different walks of life, including sex workers and drug addicts. He uses his money and his time to try to change their lives for the better. Since he knows that this works, he continues to do so. He hopes by his example, it will encourage others to do so also. Successful businessman George Soros when he was just a kid, he experienced a lot of grief in his life. There was a lot of mistreatment done against him and his family. They are Jewish. Although they have seen tough times, they are able to still help others. They think of them before they think of themselves.

In The Year 1970, Things Changed For George Soros

This was the year that he decided to set up a Hedge Fund. He named it Soros Fund Management. This fund earned him more than enough money. He used a lot of this money to start the Open Society Foundation. It is through this foundation that he is able to help so many people that are less fortunate than himself.

The Struggles Happen As Accusations Abound

The Atlantic published an article that says that George Soros is a threat to capitalism. It also says that the President sees him as a terrorist.

Overcoming These Odds And Winning

About George Soros he won’t let this article or these claims stop him from doing what was instilled in him as a child. To help others is what he is all about. He likes to give of his time and money to help make the world a greater place than it already is.He is setting an example so that others can do this too. With determination, he wants to have other people educated and able to help others too. This is why he gives out scholarships to those that need them around the globe. In the future, he will continue to give to those that are in need.

The Open Society Drives George Soros

Facts and reality take different forms for different people depending on how they are being expressed and viewed in the opinion of billionaire investment specialist George Soros. Political and social affairs have always been of great concern for George Soros after he survived living under the oppression of two of histories most feared regimes; born in 1930 in Hungary, George Soros saw members of his own Jewish community murdered in their hundreds of thousands by occupying Nazi forces during the Second World War and is classed as a Holocaust survivor. The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros found himself living under communist rule in the years following the Second World War and prompted his movement towards taking a refugee journey that would eventually lead to Soros becoming a leading financial specialist with his own Soros Fund Management brand.

George Soros set out on a journey through life that would lead him to become one of the world’s most respected financial figures but also set out to develop his philanthropic career after discovering his success had provided him with more money than he could possibly need. In 2017, George Soros is rated by Forbes to have built a personal fortune of more than $25 billion and given more than $10 billion to the Open Society Foundations as the network created in the name of the theory popularized by philosopher Karl Popper has been used by Soros to develop his own philanthropic interests. Soros founded the Open Society Fund in 1979 as a way of aiding those stranded under totalitarian rule in Eastern Europe and South Africa under the rule of Apartheid; the man credited with breaking the Bank of England in 1992 went on to realise his funds were being used to further the ends of the regimes he was fighting against and prompted a new way of using the financial donations of George Soros.

The Atlantic reports the work of George Soros as a philanthropist began with a focus on the issues facing the people of Eastern Europe living under the same communist rule the founder of the network also endured as a teenager. Soros fought against the regime of communist agencies throughout the 1980s and 90s after deciding the best opportunity for aiding as many people as possible was to work in a way limiting government involvement across portions of Eastern Europe where people were being robbed of their human rights. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, George Soros has focused his attention on many different areas of the world, from Russia to North America where Soros believes the political dominance of the U.S. will lead to the capitalist system created in its image will struggle for survival as the 21st-century moves forward.

Adam Milstein And The Jewish Cause

Jews have had a rocky history. This is especially true of the Jews in Israel. There was also the concentration camps that the Jews of Germany had to go through. However, they have managed to make a successful culture for themselves. There are plenty of successful Jews in many different industries. However, there are only a few Jews that are among the most influential. One of the most influential Jews is Adam Milstein. He is one of the Jews that is working very hard to strengthen his people so that they could continue to live successful lives even amidst all of the conflict.

As a matter of fact, the Jerusalem Post has named Adam Milstein as one of 50 most influential Jews in the world. He has put together The Milstein Family Foundation with the purpose of strengthening the Jewish people and Israel. He is someone that is a role model for Jews in all areas of life. He makes sure that Jewish people are not only recognized, but cared for. Adam Milstein is someone who does not seek his own glory. He was not expecting to be added to the list. For one thing, he sees all of the other people named as very remarkable people that he is honored to be listed among.

Jewish people are an example of a group of people that have overcome a rough history. There has been a rather turbulent history of the Jewish people. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who are Jewish that have not only made a name for themselves, but also served as an example for other people of the Jewish culture to follow. He is also looking to build a relationship with other organizations and foundations. Therefore, he is one of the people that others look to when it comes to making a huge impact on the world. Follow Adam on Twitter.

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Andy Wirth Provides His Insights On How California Ski Resorts Shall Be Affected By The Drought

In the past month, Californians cut their water usage by 27% as compared to two years ago. People are concerned about the drought more than any other matter. In the recent times, California suffered the worst drought that affected ski resorts. Most resorts had to work with less snow, thus closing earlier than scheduled.

Recently, Andy asserted that they had experienced a tough winter that saw a decline of 20% in performance compared to last year. I heard the interview on KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand.

Andy Wirth posited that they have managed to report impressive profit margins irrespective of the low amount of snow.

Andy asserted that the Ski resort and Alpine-Meadow as well as other resorts have been using scientific methods to make and manage the amount of snow. Andy anticipates having 4000 acres of snow even though December and January had substantially below-average snow.

When asked about the elnino, Andy said that he was working with meteorologists from Colorado State University and other institutions. They were more concerned with the presence of moisture and temperatures. Andy continued to posit that he foresaw a colder winter than the past four.

Andy was optimistic that the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridges would result into warm temperatures. When asked about the future of the resorts based on the existing weather, Andy Wirth said that he was much concerned with the volatility of weather.

According to Andy, increased volatility of weather would enable him to realize his business model for the long term. He reiterated on his ability to make snow besides undertaking other business adjustments.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth said that they are sold out all summer long. In addition, he spoke about hedging their business for both summer and winter besides preparing more for summer visitation, activities and events.

This includes summer weddings, meetings and events. Andy says that he started from a resource side but he developed an interest in weather patterns. As part of his legacy, Andy said that as a resource manager, he manages the 6,000-acre property with the deserved seriousness.

He continued to assert that he would love to adjust the business model in line with the increased volatility in weather patterns in order to reduce carbon footprints. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

About Andy Wirth

Andy is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy developed a passion for skydiving in the recent years. However, in October 2013, Andy had an accident that saw him land in a vineyard. His right arm was severed. He experienced blood loss.

Through his family’s support, friends and therapists, Andy was able to recover very well. A few surgeons reattached his arm. From his accident, Andy made friends with a group of Navy SEALS who were training in Squaw Valley.

Their counsel, spirit and narrative played an important role towards his recovery. Through the Seals, Andy created a team known as Special Warfare Warrior.

The team has been involved in generating support and donations for the Navy Seal Foundation. The foundation provides support to the Naval Special Warfare Community.

Talk Fusion’s CEO Gives Back

When the company Talk Fusion was founded their main goal was to help people and they’ve proven that, immensely. Now the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has decided to help his community even more. Reina is well-known for donating generously to a variety of non-profit organizations. He’s made a record breaking one million dollar donation to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and even provided monetary support for an Indonesian orphanage.

His recent groundbreaking plan to help communities even further is a plan that will allow associates of Talk Fusion to donate an amount to a charity of their choosing. Reina is no stranger to giving back and he wants those associated with Talk Fusion to incorporate the same mentality into their lives. He gives generously to these charities for one simple reason: to help. With the boosting donations and Talk Fusion’s platform these charities are able to receive help from people who might not have known they existed before. Read more on Crunchbase about Talk Fusion.

Even when Talk Fusion was in its infancy Reina seemed to care only about one factor, how Talk Fusion changed their lives. He sees the impact his company has and has decided to spread that goodness outward. Reina doesn’t take into account if the situation is small like helping family and friends with medical bills or if it’s something bigger such as making personal donations to those who were affected by the Nepal earthquake. This CEO has a big heart and spreads proves his compassion generously.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. It provides businesses, big and small, with the opportunity to have video chats, host live meetings, send video newsletters, and much more with their employees or clients. There is no special software to use Talk Fusion’s features, simply emailing a hyperlink will allow attendees to participate in any video chat or to view video memos. Similar to most subscription programs, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day trial, so that you have ample time to use their features and decide if they’re the best fit for you.

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IT Staffing and Solutions Principal

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant LLC, an IT Solutions and Staffing company. The company is the result of a merger between Info Technologies Inc., a company founded and owned by Goullet, and Diversant Inc., a company owned and operated by Gene Waddy, the current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant.

Diversant is the largest IT Solutions and Staffing company that is African-American owned. They serve and work with many areas of the US economy such as banking, financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. They analyze what firms in these areas need as far as IT staffing requirements, and they provide advice on starting and maintaining diversity initiatives. When firms needed highly trained and skilled IT experts, they call upon Diversant to meet their needs, and provide the right individual for their special situation. Diversant also assists firms if they desire to make direct hires. Their assistance includes finding the right individual for that permanent job.

This is an area where John Goullet has devoted to professional life to making a difference. He was a computer consultant and a staffing account executive prior to founding Info Technologies in 1994. He developed an expertise in understanding what corporations need, and then meeting those needs with the proper staffing. Under his leadership, Info Technologies became one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

As principal of Diversant, Goullet continues to meet the demands of IT staffing. Nothing stays the same in IT, and he is able to provide staffing that is state of the art. The firms that use the services of John Goullet and Diversant know that they are in good hands.

James Dondero Builds His Career to Help Others

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. The business is located in Dallas and consists of a strong group of people. Linda Owen and James Dondero are now working side by side to ensure that Highland Management uses their charity program to help others as much as possible. The group continues to grow and is dedicated to their focus on impact giving. Linda Owen will be working in a partnerships with The Dallas Foundation. This group administers to Highlands giving fund.

The philanthropic activities have been expanded and serious professionals are working hard to ensure that all contributions will make a beneficial impact for others. Linda has a history of effective partnerships in the Dalas area and has shared her vision for making a difference within the community. Highland Capital Management raises over 3 million dollars annually for charity within the The Dallas Foundation. They focus on helping veterans, health care and education in the Dallas community.

The Perot Museum, George W. Bush Library, Center of Brain Health and Dallas Zoo are a few of Highland Capital Managements beneficiaries. James Dondero and many other executives of Highland provide meaningful guidance to the organizations supported by the firm. They offer help through leadership roles and board services.

Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management and lives in Dallas, Texas. He has been working for over 30 years in equity and credit markets. He has focused his time on distressed investing and high-yield investing. He is also Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and is a board member for American Banknote. He enjoys philanthropically driven initiatives in veteran’s affairs, public policy and education. Before he began his career at Highland Capital Management he worked as the lead investment officer for Protective Life.

James Dondero was also the Portfolio Manager for American Express and began his career at Morgan Guaranty in 1984 as an analyst. He also succeeded in graduating from the University of Virginia and from the McIntire School of Commerce. He has earned the title of Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.