Highland Capital Management’s Journey as an Investment Advisor

Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s largest global alternative credit managers. The company has grown its reputation majorly due to the extraordinary services they offer.

The humble beginnings of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management had its beginning more than twenty years ago. Mark Okada and James Dondero who are the company’s founders opened their venture in January 1990. They began by forming a venture together with Protective Life Insurance Cooperation.

Significant incidences which led to the company’s growth

In the year 1990, the company specialized in fixed income markets. They also managed senior secured bank loans. Three years later, they progressed into a Protective Asset Management Company. In May 1997, the visionary founders went ahead to purchase Protective Life Stake in Protective Asset Management Company. This action led to the establishment of an independent advisor, Ranger Asset Management which was SEC registered.

A year later, Ranger Asset Management changed its name to its current name, Highland Capital Management. In the year 2000, the company began alternative investment platform. They also launched their first commingled bank loan fund.

The company continued to grow its products line. In the year 2004, they acquired two floating rates fund. This money was offered from Columbia Asset Management. Later in 2008 and 2011, Highland Capital Management officially opened its offices in Singapore and Seoul respectively.

Where Highland Capital Management stands today in the competitive market

Being an independently owned company with more than twenty years’ experience, Highland Capital Management offers a broad range of products with a large client base. These products are both for institutional investors and retail. The company’s growth has provided employment to more than one hundred and eighty people all over the globe.

Highland Capital Management’s Location

The headquarters of this multinational company is in Dallas, Texas. However, Highland Capital Management has offices all over the world’s major cities. These cities include Sao Paulo, New York, Singapore, and in Seoul.

Highlands Capital Management community service

The company has substantially invested in the communities of its employees. This investment is in the form of advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and financial donations. Over ten million US dollars have been committed to various organizations globally since 2005.


Thor Halvorssen Writes About Human Rights Issues in The Globe

There are a lot of human rights violations that are going on in the globe. For one thing, there are many countries that have rulers that have a total disregard for human life. However, a lot of these violations go undetected. Therefore, a lot of the rulers are caught being harsh with their citizens while no one else in the world knows about it. However, there are ways of exposing such human rights violations. For one thing, it takes intelligence and bravery in order to get the message out about all of the violations. Fortunately, there is one person that is courageous enough to not only right about the issue, but also get a lot people involved in the cause.

One of the methods that Thor Halvorssen uses in order to increase awareness about the human rights violations in the world is write about it on his website. He has to take the time to not only witness the violations in other countries, but also write about them so that people will know about it and decide on what to do about those violations so that the citizens of those countries can be protected and taken care of. Thor wants people to experience the freedoms that are offered in more developed countries.

Thor Halvorssen makes sure that he keeps busy in the fight for human rights. Therefore, he has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of hearing every case so that he can take action on these matters. He is not afraid of any tyrant and is willing to fight for the people in oppressed countries. He encourages people to fight for the rights of other countries as well. For one thing, human rights is something that should be shared throughout the world, not just in a special few countries.

Luciana Lóssio is Sworn In As Brazil’s new Electoral Court Minister.

The 26th of January seemed to be a good day for Luciana Lóssio, as she was sworn in as the minister of the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil. Luciana was granted this position after the retirement of the previous Minister Arnaldo Versiani. The ceremony took place inside the Superior Electoral Court. The Superior Electoral Court consists of seven seats, each which must be filled by lawyers who have shown exemplary talent in the field.


Luciana Lóssio’s has had an excellent career in the field of law, serving individuals, some of whom are government officials. She is extremely well versed in the field and is regarded as one of the top lawyers in the country. Luciana has always been extremely career focused, performing exceptionally well in any job she takes on. She has always strived to help people who have had their basic human rights stripped away from them.


Luciana pursued a degree in law from the Centro Universitário de Brasília in 1999 and went on to get the approval of the Brazilian Bar Association in the same year. Lóssio has always had a keen interest in learning and believes that education and knowledge are key elements in helping one grow. She then went on to attain a degree post graduate certifications in various specializations of the law including Civil Procedure Law and State and Constitution Law. She believes that the knowledge she gained through these courses helped her become a notable figure in her field and has helped her grow as an individual.


Luciana had worked at the Attorney General’s Office before she was nominated for this position. At the AGO, she was mentored by Cláudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro both of who served as former attorney generals. Luciana served as an advisor on numerous cases and legal proceedings. She is known to have a keen eye for the finer details of cases and is known for always knowing the right course of action. Through hard work and dedication to the field, she has risen above the rest. She also has a great ability to tackle the most difficult of cases and deal with situations effectively.


With her appointment, Luciana Lóssio is currently one of the seven judges at the Superior Electoral Court. Luciana was picked by the Supreme Court owing to her excellent skill in the field of law. She believes in absolute professionalism in any job she is tasked with, be it advising on a case, or being a member of the Superior Electoral Court.


Fining a Proficient Litigation Attorney in Brazil

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to hire one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil?

If you are dealing with a litigation issue, it is extremely important to hire the best attorney you can afford. If you have a business where you’re regularly handling legal issues and problems, you need to think about enlisting the services of law firm or attorney with broad resources to work with your business on a continuing basis. Your business or corporate litigation attorney will provide necessary assistance to different areas of your enterprise.

Inquire about references. You wish to consult with people who could comment on the lawyer or attorney’s skills and trustworthiness. Ask if it is alright to approach some of the lawyer or attorney’s representative clients. Get a reference from a bank and from other attorneys.

Once you have found lawyers who interest you, the next step is to find out more by looking into their profiles. On their profiles you will find a business litigation lawyer or attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Sometimes, the profiles will also include links to a business litigation attorney’s personal biography, firm website, and other essential information to think about.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has more than 22 years of experience handling litigation disputes. Prior to setting up his own law firm, Ricardo Tosto practiced in a small law firm and concentrated on business and corporate litigation. He worked extremely hard to develop his litigation skills as well as his unique negotiation strategy. He has represented clients in the most challenging legal issues in Brazil and has achieved a tremendous reputation in the legal community.

Ricardo Tosto often resolves his clients’ cases individually, and when required he readily employs the services of trusted co-counsel to assist in the effort. He delivers legal services to both startups and multinational businesses. Mr. Ricardo Tosto makes the effort to develop a powerful relationship with each client, and works hard to present them with prompt, efficient legal services.

How the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Works

During the 1980s and 1990s, fraud in the securities sector of the financial districts was running rampant. Business owners were raking in millions in fraudulent transactions while holding employees hostage from reporting schemes with the treat of losing their jobs if they opened their mouth. The Securities and Exchange Commission was aware there were problems, but no one would come forward to help expose those cheating the system. That changed in 2010 when Congress enacted Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform for combating financial fraud pertaining to securities. Whistleblower programs aimed to stop employers that were conducting fraud by providing employees a safer haven.

Violations to financial security laws could now be presented to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and employees were protected, as well as getting rewarded financially. When the reform went into effect in 2010, the law firm of Labaton Sucharow focused their company efforts on offering workers a safe place for consulting and exposing their employers that were conducting securities fraud. This law firm went full force by bringing in international forensic accountants, in-house investigators, and professional financial analysts, to support counsel for these growing number of whistleblowers.

Those employees that were being harassed with loss of job security spoke of the fraud being conducted at their jobs, and now they were able to bring an end to the harassment that was making their life and jobs miserable. The reward being offered to these whistleblowers was big, and under the rules of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform program, the SEC paid eligible employees a staggering 10-30% of all monetary sanctions that were being collected when successful Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement exceeded $1 million dollars. Another reason for this increase in reports was that the Dodd-Frank Act stopped any retaliation by those reported employers against these whistleblowers pursuant to the program rules.

Employers that were still conducting fraud against the financial sector began looking more carefully now at how they ran their companies because those harassing tactics used against employees in the past were no longer effective. The financial reward plus job security made it easier for employees to then anonymously file these complaints against their employers without worry of having to maintain difficult relationship with employers. Whistleblowers were now able to report securities violations with complete anonymity when represented by a lawyer specializing in these particular type cases.

Employees concerned about securities fraud taking place at work are advised to call a local attorney and ask about the SEC Whistleblower Program.

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The Historic legislation that focuses on protecting SEC Whistleblowers

A whistleblower is any individual that is willing to provide information on fraud to the Security and Exchange Committee. The whistleblower may be a single person or a group of individuals that volunteer to provide information on the possible violations of the federal security laws according to the procedures outlined by SEC. The program has been revised to include whistleblowers who are not necessarily employees of the involved institution. Any individual with information about a violation that has already taken place or is about to occur is given audience by the Security and Exchange Committee. The source of information on a possible fraud can be from the whistleblower’s investigations, or through their social interactions and observations.

Protection of the information can be provided to any person regardless of their citizenship. However, not all whistleblowers qualify for awards. A few exclusions are made when it comes to granting of individuals who report violations of the federal laws. Some of the excluded parties include compliance personnel and auditors. Exceptions apply in certain cases such as when the company under investigations is engaging in activities that interfere with the investigations. The exclusions are also made to prevent possible substantial injury to the financial interest of the organization or its investors. Whistleblowers are encouraged to consult a lawyer or go through the SEC rules keenly to understand the concept of monetary awards.

Whistleblowers are provided some benefits such as protection against suspension or expulsion from their jobs. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act forbids any employer from punishing their employees due to reporting a federal violation act to the SEC. Whistleblowers are protected by the law of retaliation as long as they believe that the report they have is related to a possible violation of the federal security laws. The act also permits whistleblowers to provide information to SEC without necessarily having to reveal their identity.

The historic legislation that focused on protecting whistleblowers from harassment and intimidation led to the development of law firms that introduced practices that exclusively focused on protecting the whistleblowers. The first law firm to launch such practice was the Labaton Sucharow Law Firm. The company’s Whistle Blower Representation Practice has a world-class team of investigators and financial analysts that provide unmatched services to whistleblowers. Jordan A. Thomas is in charge of the Whistleblower Representation Practice. Thomas is the former Director and Assistant of the Chief Litigation Counsel. He used to work for the Division of Enforcement at the Security and Exchange Committee before moving to the Whistleblower Representation Practice.

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