Beams of hope with Rocketship Education.

In an era where the haves to seem to get ahead and the have-nots just stay where they are, having both on level ground is like an extreme sport.

However, this narrative is changing as organizations and institutions such as Rocketship Education emerge. The Rocketship Education organization has managed to be the knight and shining armor of many families. This organization has shone rays of hope on many families in great ways.

Rocketship Education has gone far and above to ensure that it looks to the wholesome well-being of children put through its program. The organization not only looks to the education of the children but the well-being of their families as well. Rocketship realizes that in the sector of education it is not only the child that is concerned. Hence it advances the ‘no man is an island’ approach.

It thus realizes that if two are better than one, then three must be the best. The teachers, children and their parents join hands and work together. All this really in the long run being for the best interest of the individual and the society at large. This has thus seen great cooperation between this circle of the three key individuals. The teachers are able to interact with the parents and their children even outside the classrooms and at times through visitations.

The results? Well, it has seen children be the best that they can be and in turn, they have produced exemplary performance in their studies. Rocketship Education has indeed made great strides in bringing children from humble backgrounds on to a level ground with those born into well-off families. Each child is hence given an equal footing and an equal shot at being successful.

Furthermore, due to consistent interactions among the teachers, students, and their parents, a larger family of sorts is created such that other needs can be met through joint effort. Other parents who have their children enrolled in this system end up creating bonds with fellow parents, and they end up creating a broader sense of togetherness. In turn, the children are able to fully focus on their studies and not have to worry about anything whatsoever.

Rocketship has indeed given the children wings to fly!