Thor Halvorssen Recognizes Humanity

There is a process when it comes to injustice. The first part of the process is the dehumanizing of the people. Then this results in inferior treatment because they are considered lower than others. While some forms of this exist everywhere in the world, the more extreme forms of this are in underdeveloped countries. A lot of these countries are under tyrannical and authoritarian rule. Of course, this is to be fought and stopped. Fortunately, there are people who are working on ways to take on this type of tyranny so that people in those countries can have the human rights that are enjoyed in developed countries.

Among these people is Thor Halvorssen. Thor is a human rights activist who is very passionate and creative when it comes to his fight for human rights. For one thing, he is always keeping a sharp eye on the issue of human rights and is looking for ways to not only shed light on the issue in different countries but to also eradicate the injustices that are ongoing. He does not stop at talking about it. He also gets himself involved in many different capacities which include actually traveling to the countries where the violations are occurring.

One thing that could be said for Thor is that he recognizes the humanity of people that are suffering in the world. He wants others to recognize them. That way, they would be able to work on a plan that will bring down the foul treatment that is prevalent in these countries. Thor runs a campaign that is so effective that he has gotten the help of celebrities when it comes to fighting for the rights of others. Christian Bale himself has taken on the fight in order to help with the issue of human rights violations.

The Attainted Career Path of Kelvin Seawright

Kevin Seawright has over 13 years in a financial and administrative leadership. He best recognized for his ability to take on new opportunities and to achieve business goals through his strategic vision.

According to Crunchbase, for more than a decade Kevin Seawright has used his financial experts to improve the wellbeing of the communities in the East Coast. He has set of qualities that stand out as business leader qualities such as excellent business acumen, working in teams, experience in government operations and financial private sector, and outcome efficiency.

He is currently the Network Economic Development Corporation’s Vice President as well as its Chief Financial Officer.

During his career time, Kevin Seawright has come up with business strategies that have developed responsive Accounting/Finance divisions such as payroll, receivables, payables and collections that have in time and time again have given results through bringing into line technological initiatives with the current economic and organizational goals.

Throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Kevin has worked to change the revenue planning corporate that have successfully worked throughout the board for general contractors and sub-contractors.

Kevin Seawright career accomplishments are the revenue improvement that has assisted the annual return increase by 25% through forecasting with good and services provided.

Moreover, he has worked hard to improve the Human Capital Division thus achieving employee turnover, improving recruitment efforts, negotiation, change management, compensation adjustment and collective bargaining amongst others. Through these process, there has been improved service delivery to customers, standardization, and enhanced company performance.

Prior to his current position, Kevin has gained experience in financial management for local government agencies. When he was the Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging Retirement he came up with and put into operation a new accounting system that was meant to save agencies more than $100 000 financial support.

Kevin has also served as the Housing Authority of Baltimore City’s Payroll Director prior to serving at the position of Finance Director of the Homeless Services branch within the Division of Housing and Community Development. Kevin has served in many other positions.

Due to his excellent work at the Baltimore City, he was appointed the Deputy Chief Operating officer in the sector of education a position that he held for six years. Throughout his career, he has made a positive impact on societies and build a formidable personal brand and gained extensive experience.

Securus Technologies Brings Christmas To Correction Facilities

Technology innovations have made a significant difference in the way people handle daily tasks today. Technology such as the internet, WiFi, smartphones, and broadband have allowed the world to become a digital world. People can now do things on the internet and over networks that were not possible a few decades ago. One of the areas that has made tremendous strides over the past few years related to technology innovations is video.


While technology innovations have been numerous over the past two decades, one of the areas where innovations were still needed to bring performance enhancements was in the realm of video communications. Both online and with phones, video as a communication method needed to be faster, provide higher resolution, and work better with audio time measures.


Technology innovations have been made that relate to the issues involving video communications. These innovations have made video a common technology used for communication purposes over the past decade. Currently video is used for conferencing and talking to individuals on a variety of technology devices. The innovations that go unnoticed by the general public such as network cabling equipment, network methods, and network hardware have made video communication almost a truly real time event.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that provides a variety of communication products and services to correction facilities across the country. The company will be providing technology that is called video visitation technology for inmates in correction facilities this Christmas holiday season. The technology will be used to allow inmates to see and talk to their family members during Christmas.


The technology works by setting up a link between the correction facilities where the inmates are located and the homes where the families are located. When the link is established, the video visitation technology allows the inmates to talk to their family members in real time. The technology provides clear audio and great resolution through the communication link.


I believe that the video visitation technology will bring a much happier Christmas holiday for many families this Christmas. Many inmates are unhappy during the Christmas holiday because they cannot be home to see family and friends. The technology provided by Securus Technologies will help bring Christmas to numerous inmates this year.


Securus Technologies is a technology related company that offers a wide range of products and services for correction facilities and various other organizations.

Tips You to Improve Your Online Reputation

Are you wondering on how you can improve your fading online reputation? Don’t worry as we have a solution for you.

I understand that your fundamental aim of building your image online is to ensure that win more customers for your business, get a particular job, or enlarge the number of followers you have. Do not be surprised to find out that human resource managers and people you are doing business with looking for information about you online. From the information they acquire websites and social media, they can make a decision to hire or do business with you.

Therefore, the image you portray online matters a lot in your life. Principally, you need to safeguard and enhance it. Here are some tips to help you improve your reputation online. Get the source article here.

Work On the Current Reputation

It is advisable for you to find out the nature of information about you on the web. I guarantee you that some of the information you will get about yourself will be totally different and demeaning beyond your thinking. Create a Brand Yourself account to help you in assessing and changing your online reputation.

Moreover, use this tool to scan and assess your social media. Look for all the negative and reckless posts on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Instagram, and LinkedIn among others and remove them.

Rebrand Yourself

It is paramount that you enter new information about yourself online. Start by creating a website that comprises you biography data, your curriculum vitae, achievements, and job experience. In addition, ensure that your social media accounts have posts that enhance your image online.

Defining Your Goals and Unique Prepositions

Additionally as suggets, you need to identify the aims and objectives of building your reputation online. Display the positive impact you will have on others as well as the value you will add if given a certain job. This will attract more business partners, clients, and employment opportunities for you.

Content and Socialization

Furthermore, ensure that you update the content of your website and post on your social networks regularly. This will help you entertain your audience as well as solidify your personal brand online.

Posting Timelines

Develop a calendar that shows the interval and rate of your postings and ensures to abide by it. Monitor, the content other people are posting about you, update your social network handles and be active online. Your consistency will attract a positive response from your audience as well as more following.


Wengie’s Phone Hacks

Wengie who is a very popular creator on YouTube who makes videos about many different things from life hacks to school hacks and even DIY hacks and ideas. She has tons of videos and millions of viewers. One of her most popular uploads is her phone hacks video in which she shows viewers cool and simple new ways to use your phone for different things.


One of the top hacks in the video is how to make a stylus for your phone. A stylus allows you to not have to touch your phone with your fingers which can make it dirty and grimy. In the video Wengie uses a few very simple things she has laying around the house to make the stylus. It is so simple to use and so simple to make that anyone can do it.


Another great phone hack is perfect for people who like to run or workout while listening to their music. Wengie shows viewers how to make an armband out of simply using scissors and socks. An armband helps keep your phone attached to your arm so you can still listen to music or talk on the phone while having your hands be free. It is so easy to make and very easy to use. It is a great item for people who like to bike or workout and it is a great DIY gift to give.


Throughout the video Wengie shows so many other great tips and tricks on things you can do with your phone. From changing the style of pictures to creating cool effects there is so much to do with your phone that you may not even know. With great phone hacks like these it is easy to see why over 4 million people subscribe to Wengie’s YouTube channel.


Bruce Levenson’s Role In Sports Ownership

Antony Ressler is working in conjunction with the ownership group for the Atlanta Hawks regarding the sale of this team. Ressler is best known on Forbes as an investor with access to equity in the billions.

The group Ressler is working with includes Grant Hill, a previous player with the NBA and Jesse Itzler. They are purchasing the Hawks from UCG founder Bruce Levenson and other assorted investors for a total of $850 million dollars. The owners are expected to give their approval to the team’s sale.

Ressler made a statement saying becoming the Hawk’s new stewards is both an honor and absolutely thrilling. He fully respects the process the NBA goes through and is sending plenty of luck to the Hawk’s for the playoffs. The amount the team is selling for is said to be a very strong number in regards to the current market.

The NBA has an extremely strong product in todays market and are a reflection of what the market may become in the future. Bruce Levenson along with other individuals purchased not only the Hawks, but the Atlanta Thrashers of the NHL and the rights to use Philips Arena for a total of $250 million back in 2004. They then sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.

Ressler was interested in purchasing the Clippers from Los Angeles previously but Steve Ballmer’s price of $2 billion dollars was more than his team was willing to pay. Ressler also has a small ownership in the Brewers from Milwaukee. Hill decided he wanted to be a part of Ressler’s group and did join. It is believed Hill will also have a very small stake in the ownership but according to the NBA’s new rules it must be a minimum of one per cent.

Eric Pulier’s Investment in Charitable Organizations

About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful entrepreneur, author, columnist, technologist, and public speaker committed to empowering the youth. Eric Pulier provides donations to charitable organizations and the agencies that he has co-founded such as Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana, Service Mesh, TM Forum and, US Interactive. In 1991, Eric relocated to Los Angeles and established a charitable organization, People Doing Things, a humanitarian organization focused on improving healthcare, education, and averting life-threatening issues through technology.

Furthermore, Eric Pulier has contributed towards the development of venture capital by funding and donating to charitable organizations such as the Trident Capital, eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, and an upcoming technology firm. Pulier commits to investing in various start-ups in the media industry. Pulier’s outstanding leadership skills have helped him succeed in all business endeavors.

Eric Pulier, the father of four children, balances between family and career lives. Currently, Pulier is a board member of the Painted Turtle, a firm that holds camps for children with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier also serves on the board of the XPRIZE Foundation. Eric Pulier resides in Los Angeles, California. In 1984, Pulier graduated from the Teaneck High School and joined the Harvard University for further studies in Business Administration. At Harvard, Eric majored in English and American Culture, Computer Science, Visual and Environmental Studies. While at Havard University, Eric Pulier started his career as an editor as well as columnists at the Harvard Crimson Weekly. In 1988, Eric graduated from Harvard University with class and honors.

Upon graduation, Eric Pulier was appointed to construct and manage the Bridge to the 21st century, Bill Clinton’s and Al Gore’s project to inaugurate the 21st century. The event was held on the Washington Mall where thousands of citizens attended including members of Congress, the state’s Senate, and the Supreme Court. As a result, Eric Pulier became famous for his expertise in project planning and implementation. Eric Pulier’s names would be mentioned in every media house across the United States. Eric split the exhibition into distinctive units to display the effect of the exponential technologies in the future. Eric Pulier’s exhibition showcased different disciplines such as education, entertainment, family, and government entities.

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Fining a Proficient Litigation Attorney in Brazil

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a competent lawyer in Brazil? Do you want to hire one of the most reputable lawyers in Brazil?

If you are dealing with a litigation issue, it is extremely important to hire the best attorney you can afford. If you have a business where you’re regularly handling legal issues and problems, you need to think about enlisting the services of law firm or attorney with broad resources to work with your business on a continuing basis. Your business or corporate litigation attorney will provide necessary assistance to different areas of your enterprise.

Inquire about references. You wish to consult with people who could comment on the lawyer or attorney’s skills and trustworthiness. Ask if it is alright to approach some of the lawyer or attorney’s representative clients. Get a reference from a bank and from other attorneys.

Once you have found lawyers who interest you, the next step is to find out more by looking into their profiles. On their profiles you will find a business litigation lawyer or attorney’s contact, education, and biographical information to supplement your research. Sometimes, the profiles will also include links to a business litigation attorney’s personal biography, firm website, and other essential information to think about.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has more than 22 years of experience handling litigation disputes. Prior to setting up his own law firm, Ricardo Tosto practiced in a small law firm and concentrated on business and corporate litigation. He worked extremely hard to develop his litigation skills as well as his unique negotiation strategy. He has represented clients in the most challenging legal issues in Brazil and has achieved a tremendous reputation in the legal community.

Ricardo Tosto often resolves his clients’ cases individually, and when required he readily employs the services of trusted co-counsel to assist in the effort. He delivers legal services to both startups and multinational businesses. Mr. Ricardo Tosto makes the effort to develop a powerful relationship with each client, and works hard to present them with prompt, efficient legal services.

IAP Worldwide Services Transforms The Way Businesses Manage Their Processes

IAP Worldwide Services has for over five decades been working with different businesses in a bid to support them in the implementation of vital processes like communication and logistics. They have been classified among the most reliable logistics services companies across the U.S. IAP Worldwide also provides companies with technical support like the maintenance of heavy machinery used in the aviation industry. Many of the processes the company handles are made possible by the custom technology they have adopted and developed over the years.

At the time IAP Worldwide was incepted in 1953, there were no companies offering aviation support and they are among the first that invested in the industry, which had just started growing at the time. Today, IAP Worldwide has bought over several businesses that offer aviation support and this has increased the expertise level of the company together with ensuring their addressable market expands.

Supply chain and logistics
One of the areas IAP Worldwide has emerged as a leader is logistics and supply chain management. They have a seamless and a well-coordinated transport system that delivers products to clients across different parts of the country. One of the things that make their services ideal is the fact they offer a prompt response and the delivery process is fast and secure.

Goods that can take long along the way are stored in the warehouses the company provides to clients. Businesses looking for daily or regular transportation can schedule for a chain that IAP can supply for a long period of time. During emergencies, IAP Worldwide sends professionals on who are familiar with such situations to ensure no items are damaged along the way.

Expeditionary support
Apart from supporting businesses overcome problems, IAP Worldwide has also been involved in the management of the Army situated in overseas bases. Their role in this process has been offering the security teams logistics support and technical supplies that include aviation technology on Monster. For more than three decades the company has continued to work with the U.S. government offering troops these services across the world.

Network and communications
Having strong network systems and communication channels is something that IAP Worldwide has assured to offer businesses to help them manage processes more easily. The company installs fiber-optic connection on Hoovers that is fast and secure to help businesses handle bulk processes faster. During installation, IAP Worldwide also comes up with measures that allow the integration of strong security systems.

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Coming To Their Own Defense

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of technology to the civil and criminal justice system. With the work they are doing, they deal a lot with patents and trying to develop the latest technology. This type of work can lead to issues and disagreements with other companies. Recently, Global Tel Link put out an article stating many negative things about Securus Technologies. Securus responded a few days later in a press release with their rebuttal. Stay up to date with Securus on


One of the main issues that GTL brought up had to do with patents. They claimed that Securus was using patents that they had no right to be using. This was rebutted by Securus who states they are using patents that are not “claimable” by anyone. These patents are available for use by anyone who wishes to use them. This was also backed up in a court of law so GTL is stating false information.


GTL also claims that Securus is very willing to sue for any reason. Securus states that this claim is also false. They state they have been in court recently but only to defend what is legally theirs to use. Others have made false claims against the patents and Securus felt it was necessary to take it to court to have it tried legally to end the issue once and for all.


Working in the business that they are in, there are a lot of players trying to have the edge. Patents are complicated and can cause issues. Securus wanted to set the record straight and state their side and felt they did so in their press release.