Talk Fusion Video Chat “A Dream Gateway for Marketing”

The PR Newswire published a news on their news site, the news was about a platform for great achievement in no time, beyond the expectations in the industry of marketing and communication “Talk Fusion”. (Source:

Talk Fusion, A company with a great reputation in the field of online marketing and as a charity service. Talk Fusion is an online marketing company that helps you to promote your business online. The company has been serving the online marketing field since 2007. The Talk Fusion was first launched as an online video marketing to be in touch with your customer to promote your business. In 2014, they expand their range of product which includes Video Email, Mobile App known as Fusion on the Go, Videos Newsletters, SignUp Form, Live Meeting, and Video Chat. Using the platform of Talk Fusion, it will help you to promote your business, keep in touch with market 24/7, increase your sales and profit. Talk Fusion Provide marketing solution on a one-to-one basis and over 140 countries all over the world.

Talk Fusion launched their “Video Chat” product to facilitate their users with something that is new and unique in the field of marketing. In only a couple of weeks since it officially launched, the “Video Chat” become popular throughout the world. On 18 August 2016, The company received the best award for their “Video Chat” product “Communications Solutions Products” award from the Technology Marketing Corporation for the year of 2016, the award previously known as “WebRTC Product of the Year”. The award “Communication Solution Product” is the reputation of providing best possible and valuable ”Video Chat” product. Using the Talk Fusion “Video Chat” product you can connect through any device, and can do chat with your friends, family and customers using and smartphone or tablet device. You can download the Video Chat” product from iTunes and Google Play Stores, you can also use this product free for the first month on a trial basis.

“I’m very proud to say that we own and develop all of our technology,” said Bob Reina. “With Video Chat, you can talk to anybody just simply by sending them a link. It’s device-independent; it’s incredible.”

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Diversant for Everyone!!!!

John Gullet has enjoyed working for and leading many companies after his graduation almost 40 years ago from Ursinus College. He started and built Info Technologies into the largest African-American owned informational technology company in the United States. One thing that he deeply values is diversity in the workplace.

John Goullet says there are many advantages to having a diverse workplace. He urges those he helps at Fortune 500 companies to harness the energy of a diverse workplace, especially when it comes to product innovation and development.

Research proves that what John has observed is true. Those employees who work in a diverse workplace usually produce better results, as long as no one is allowed to feel like an outsider.

People who work in diverse workplaces assume that they have to work harder to reduce conflicts within the organization. Therefore, he urges employers to consider their hiring practices. He says that those employers who are always returning to the same places, such as college alumni groups, to find employees are doing their organization a disservice. Instead, he urges looking in new places or working with a staffing firm to find new employees that do not fit the current mold.

While reflecting on his experiences at earlier companies that he worked at including Germini America, 3rd Informational Services, the Constell Group and Computer Sciences Corporation, that those with more diverse workplaces were more creative. Groups within these organizations were usually more willing to consider alternatives before deciding which path they felt the company should follow.

He urges that bringing in one employee that is not part of a homogeneous group is not enough. Instead, he urges that employers keep groups balanced allowing everyone to feel free to speak their minds. When just one person is seen as different, workers within the workplace may bully that individual and productivity may actually go down.

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Securus video visitation for Inmate Visits.

Visits are particularly necessary to a convict’s mental health. Inmates should be able to remain mutually joined with their families, allowing them an opportunity to be part of their kids’ small and big life moments, and watch them grow. However, in-person visits pose many threats to other inmates and prison personnel. In-person visits increase the number of smuggled goods, passed from visitors to prisoners, creating security concerns in the jail. Securus Technologies introduces a better alternative for onsite prison visits. The Securus Video Visitation positions a new video product, guaranteeing prison safety while ensuring that convicts share in their family experiences, and watch their kid grow.


Securus video visitation allows family members to set up advance online inmate visits according to authorized visiting hours. The video visitation system allows family members to comprehend a convict’s availability, allowing family members only to schedule the times when they are available. The convict is also notified of the planned visit in advance, and will be ready to the date of the appointment. The video platform presents ability for recording, monitoring, and reviewing all visits. Any determined inappropriate or obscene behavior may lead to visit termination and suspension of future visit privileges.


The video platform also enhances lower recidivism, safer visitations, full visitations, happier family, friends and inmates, and more effective correctional operations. The Securus Video Visitation mobile app provides a convenient and easy way for inmate families to video call loved ones, using tablets and Android phones. The free mobile app allows folks to also share special moments like, holidays and birthdays, giving the inmates a sense of being at home, even when they are not. The video visitation app also gives the consumers mobility to the familiar prisons and jails rigidness. Video visitation allows video inmate calls, making visitation more comfortable for everybody concerned.


The Securus Video Visitation application is available on Google Play and App Store. With its remote visitation capacity, the application also provides users the ability to sync visit aspects with programs, enabling users to receive upcoming visits notices. The video app also offers the capability to test cellular or Wi-Fi connections for finest video quality. Mobile consumers can primarily utilize their Apple or Android to help bring families, friends, and convicts together during special occasions. The video platform eliminates jail trips, creating convenience for families. The video system can also combine web cameras, computers, and additional hardware.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Repairing Your Online Reputation With the Right Strategy


It happens more than you might think. A fast moving company discovers that a negative review is at the top of the search results for their website. At this point they might start to panic. Of course, they click on the link and discover that it leads to one of those popular online review sites. The fact is that search engines are quite keen on picking up negative reviews on popular websites. However, there is no need to panic. An online reputation management firm is there to provide search assistance. They will use proven methods to remove negative search engine results.


Removing Negative Search Results

Generally, the company panics because they are not in control of those negative search results. If they were in control of the negative search results, they would simply remove the negative content. However, if the negative content is on a site that is not under their control, they require professional help. Of course, the professional online reputation management team might directly contact the owner of the website and ask them to remove the negative material. The odds are that this method will not work. Therefore, the firm will devise other tactics to push down those negative search engine results. For example, creating positive content about the company on numerous social media sites, releasing positive press releases, updating your website with great content. These all work to push down those negative reviews, while boosting the company website’s search engine rank.


Fix Search Results

One of the best ways to remove bad reviews is through Fix Search Results, which is a professional online reputation management firm that has provided services to Fortune 500 companies and small business owners. They’ve provided services to thousands of clients with very positive results. Fix Search Results will use methods and tactics to bury that negative information fast. Contact them for more information or a quote.

Don Ressler’s Vision For Fabletics

Fabletics have revolutionized the societies view about the use of “athleisure” clothing. With their innovative ideas, this type of clothing has moved from just exercise attires into trendy outfits. To this end, more people are purchasing the attires leading to a sudden growth of the industry. One of the business leaders that has guided Fabletics through this journey is Don Ressler, Fabletics’ Co-CEO.

Don Ressler is known for his ability to spot trends and turn them into industry-leading brands. This has been his objective at both JustFab and Fabletics. However, Ressler’s inspiration for “athleisure” clothing comes from his personal life. According to the executive, he and his wife are passionate about fitness. This passion comes from a long history, which dates back to their school lives. As college students, the two were athletes and enjoyed donning athletic wear. However, these attires were not fashionable. This situation provided them with an opportunity to design athletic wear with stylish and affordable products. Convinced that their idea could sell, the couple met with Kate Hudson, who embraced the idea.

Despite many fashion companies joining the field of “athleisure,” Don Ressler is convinced that they will not affect Fabletics’ business. He points out that Fabletics is not a brand meant for tennis or yoga, it is designed to enable people workout without compromising on their fashion sense. Fabletics’ premium performance products enhance customer satisfaction, thus growth of the company.

Don Ressler believes that their latest product, FL2, is for men. Whether an individual is coaching a game, hanging with friends or working out, FL2 is designed to perform effectively and ensure that the user is comfortable. The product has also been designed in a stylish manner. With this product, the company seeks to expand its customer base from just women to all genders.

Recently, the co-CEO and other leaders at Fabletics reached an agreement to establish physical Fabletics stores on Bloomberg. The company has been operating online since it was founded. Ressler believes that having brick and mortar retail stores will increase the company’s client base by capturing individuals that prefer to shop in traditional stores.

About Don Ressler
Don Ressler is a successful businessman. He is associated with many companies, including Intelligent Beauty, and Alena Media. Under his leadership, Intelligent Beauty has created various brands such as DERMSTORE, SENSA and JustFab. In 2013, he developed the Fabkids brand to capture JustFab’s clients who had kids. Ressler’s transformative leadership has seen many investors such as Matrix Partners investing millions of dollars in brands owned by Intelligent Beauty.

The Many Reasons New Zealand Is Not A Tax Haven

Many people have heard of tax haven but not many people are aware of what qualifies as a tax haven. That’s because most people do not have the wealth to be concerned with tax haven countries. Tax haven countries are places where wealthy people hide their money in order to avoid the taxes of their home country.

Many countries, like New Zealand, has estate taxes. Again, most people will not have to deal with estate taxes because they do not have enough wealth. But estate taxes are levied on inheritance left behind by someone with tremendous wealth. The government takes a cut before the assets are passed on tot he beneficiaries.

To mitigate taxes even further, some wealthy people setup trusts. Trusts avoid some of these taxes because the wealth is transferred to a third party known as a trustee. It is a financial arrangement that can benefit some people leaving behind their fortune.

So, to really avoid taxes, some choose to set up trusts in foreign countries that provide tax haven. This can allow a family to dodge a lot of taxes as wealth is transferred, especially if it is hidden from the person’s home country.

Some are starting to fear that New Zealand is becoming a tax haven for foreigners, especially when it involves trusts. This isn’t so, according to New Zealand tax expert Geoff Cone. New Zealand has never made the list of tax havens and the lifelong tax lawyer doesn’t believe that the country will ever be included on the list.

This is because of the countries banking regulations. There is clear oversight in New Zealand and this can scare off foreigners looking to hide money. It leaves an easily traceable paper trail for any foreign governments that come looking for their money.

New Zealand also charges a high tax rate. Tax haven countries do not charge prohibitive taxes because the wealthy are looking to keep the largest share of their wealth as possible. Bringing a large chunk of money to New Zealand is folly for foreigners looking to hide money because they’ll lose a good share by doing so.

But most importantly, all records in New Zealand are kept in English and the Kiwi government has agreements to share these records with dozens of foreign countries. This makes hiding money nearly impossible.

Geoff Cone is an expert in New Zealand trusts. He currently runs his own law firm in Auckland and sets trusts up for wealthy investors. He says they are flocking to New Zealand because of the transparency and reliability.

He’s been doing it his whole life. He graduated from the University of Otago and has worked in tax law firms in Auckland, the British West Indies and Christchurch.

Two Factors Driving Gold Market According to US Money Reserve

It comes as no surprise to any investor right now that the world situation contains a lot of uncertainty. This feeling is driving the price of gold higher almost every day as investors react to market news. When the veil is lifted from all the daily news snippets, however, two factors are really driving the price of gold.

The first factor is the weaker U.S. dollar. There is a direct correlation between the dollar and the price of gold. As the dollar gets weaker, gold becomes a stronger commodity. No one is certain when the Fed will decide to raise interest rates, although it may be very soon. The hard fought United States election cycle is leaving investors feeling particularly unsettled. Therefore, gold prices may very well continue to rise through at least November with many experts suggesting that the price of gold will top at over $1,400 per ounce before the end of the year.

The second factor that is driving gold prices higher on an almost daily basis is interest rates. While rates are extremely low in the United States, they are even lower in other parts of the world where people are having to pay money just to keep cash in the bank. While this was unthinkable before 2008, about 500 million people living in 25 percent of the world’s economies are currently living with interest rates in the red. This includes people living in Europe, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark. As people are not rewarded for keeping cash on hand, they are looking for another investment that does not carry very much risk.

Central banks and governments are buying more gold than ever before. So far during 2016, they have purchased more than 350 tons of gold. The largest purchaser of gold is the United Stats government that already has over 8,134 tons of gold in storage.

If you are looking to make a gold purchase, then look no further than U.S. Money Reserves where they know how to treat customers right. They are very proud of maintaining their AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. They have helped over 300,000 customers make gold purchases that improved their individual circumstances. This is the only investment company that is headed by a former director of the United States Mint.

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A Party with Simple Elegance

Garden parties or any parties for that matter do not have to be stuffy and it is quite obvious that Lauren Conrad knows how to throw an elegant party that is comfortable and simple at the same time. With beautiful and simplistic decorations everyone would feel welcomed and have a fun and memorable time at the same time. Guests would love to be invited again and again to any events given by a hostess who makes everything run efficiently while providing a fun and simple experience. Read more:

Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company NYC who can help you achieve these same qualities in whatever type of party or event you are planning. Whether you are having an outside event or an indoor event they can handle all the details for you. Working with you in choosing a venue and going over the details would be the first steps in planning your party or event and then adding in the small details comes later. Letting them handle all of the small details that are time consuming can help you have more time for the fun stuff. When it comes to event planners in NYC you cannot go wrong with this company. They ensure all of the little details are handled without added stress on you along with the major details with your input. Taking care of everything such as lighting, music, decorations, seating, catering and photography among many other things depending on the event, they provide it all so you have less to worry about.

Whether you have a small intimate affair or a huge production they can help you achieve everything you need to make things run smoothly, including birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, weddings, fundraiser events and many more. Working with someone who is professional along with understanding how fun and entertaining the event needs to be is very important and you have all of this with Twenty Three Layers.

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JustFab Inc. Lookin’ Fashionable With Wall Street IPO On The Way

Some experts are predicting that worldwide, e-commerce is expected to grow by as much as 13 to 25 percent through 2018. That’s why you see a lot of start-up companies that sell items of every kind imaginable. Although these new online shops explode on to the scene, many of them eventually go out of business, except JustFab Inc.

The online subscription fashion retailer is defying the odds, according to an article by the LATimes. The fashion brand sells women’s shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories with a membership sign-up, not an easy concept to maintain for e-businesses. JustFab is sitting pretty with more than four million VIP members based around the world.

The numbers are also looking grand for the brand, with JustFab poised to haul in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year, the company said. Business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler co-founded JustFab in March of 2010, and in the first quarter of 2016, it turned a profit for the first time.

That’s not all, because there has been a lot of talk about going public with an IPO scheduled in autumn. Recently, Ressler and Goldenberg named Todd Tappin to the position of chief financial officer.

Tappin happens to be a pro at initial public offerings. This is big news, because few subscription companies can ever get to the IPO status level. Growing a subscription base is not easy in the competitive world of e-commerce, but JustFab appears to have found the winning formula. Learn more about JustFab:

JustFab VIP members are always in charge of their shopping habits and have five days at the beginning of each month to skip buying and not be charged at all. Or members can purchase something at any price. If they fail to take any action, then members are billed $39.95, which can be spent at any time.

JustFab is appealing to online shoppers because of their on-trend styles, great quality and excellent prices. All of JustFab’s items are designed and produced at their large Los Angeles headquarters. Stars like Emily Blunt and Amy Smart all enjoy the JustFab experience.

White Shark Media: How To Choose A Reliable Advertising Agency

White Shark Media is a top rated advertising agency that caters to small and mid-sized businesses. The company has been rendering outstanding advertising and market promotions to businesses and marketers for years and has a great reputation in the industry.

If you are considering getting into the PPC advertising and are looking for team of experts to help set up or even manage your campaigns for you, look no further than White Shark Media. Read more: @WhiteSharkMedia

PPC advertising, also known as pay per click advertising, is a quick way to generate traffic to a website and start making sales. Adwords PPC is a popular platform and many advertisers have a hard time using it. The team at White Shark can walk you through the entire process, from start to finish, to ensure that you are successful with your advertising.

There are many companies that offer advertising services, including PPC management but not all of these companies or advertising specialists are created equal. It is advisable to go with a company that has a proven track record of success. White Shark Media is well known for producing excellent results for clients, and is your clear choice.

White Shark Media also offers free Adwords evaluation, allowing you to have your ad campaign evaluated or set up a new campaign for you. You will watch these professionals as they set up a winning ad campaign and guide you to success. If you sign up for their PPC management, you can rest assured that your ad campaign is in good hands, and will generate successful results.

It is also essential to ensure that the advertising agency you hire is well versed in the latest trends in the search marketing and digital marketing fields and has the required resources and expertise to deliver top quality service.


Do a thorough research on the relevant issues and current trends and find out from them when how they intend to implement these into your campaign. If they look clueless and not familiar with the innovative trends or lack substantial expertise in it, consider hiring someone else.

White Shark Media Review team has helped thousands of businesses achieve great results and reach their goals. To learn more about their advertising and promotions services, have a look around their website and then contact them for information on how to get started with their team of advertising specialists.