Brad Reifler is Helping Small Investors in Making Smart Investment for the Future

Brad Reifler is an ingenious entrepreneur, investor, and operations management expert based in America. In 2009, he opened up Forefront Capital and currently serves as its senior principal executive.

His senior position at Forefront Capital allows him to provide professional consultancy and actionable investment tips to institutional managers. Previously, he worked for a premier financial services company called Pali Capital as the chief executive, board chair, and founding partner.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler unveiled his first entrepreneurial venture, Reifler Trading Company, grew it to profitability, and sold it to Refco in 2000. According to PR News Wire, Brad Reifler oversees the day-to-day management of Sino Mercury Company as the managing director. He also manages other leading companies, including Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and the well-known European American Investment Bank.

Reifler’s contributions to the success of Pali Capital

In the capacity of the chief executive of the renowned Pali Capital, Brad Reifler steered the firm to constant over $200 million profits. The company also expanded its workforce by adding over 200 talented workers. It also opened new service centers in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.

What challenges do small investors face?

Brad outlined three key challenges faced by small investors on Wall St.

  1. Unreasonable Fee

Fees affect the performance of investors on Wall St. Most companies have mastered the art of charging hefty management fees irrespective of the performance of their portfolios. Therefore, brokers end up reaping immense profits despite their customer’s success.

  1. Limited access to investments

Non-accredited investors have limited opportunities for investment. The government considers accredited investors as intelligent and allows them to invest in private equities, funds, and hedge funds.

  1. Stock market risks

Non-accredited investors put their money into investments that attract high market risks.

Brad Reifler instituted Forefront Capital with the goal of solving these problems and changing the way small investors invest. His mission is to establish a level playing field for both accredited and non-accredited investors. Forefront Capital does not charge any management fee.

Additionally, it has structured all investment such that they are not related to the stock market. Brad strives to avail numerous investment opportunities to small investors to help them save wisely for the future.

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Why You Should Buy Into A Traveling Vineyard

Many people talk about how much they love their jobs but during a recession when salaries are slashed, they kick back sporadically at the management. We all work for the money so don’t talk about loving your job if you ain’t doing it for free.

Wine tasters and those with culinary skills have often displayed so much passion for their jobs over the years by offering to help us decide on the best food that goes with the right drink. In fact, these professionals have become so motivated and passionate about their jobs that they sometimes find themselves suggesting drinks at parties that are unsolicited. At last, a rewarding career in Traveling Vineyard offers opportunities to work from home, earn great money while still doing what they love best.

Needs And Benefits of Traveling Vineyard?

Traveling Vineyard is a modernized franchise business model that offers people who are passionate about working from their homes to offer wine tasting and food suggestions to customers in the comfort of their homes. Aside from the perks they get, this opportunity can sometimes offer a commission as high as 25% of the sales they generate from the comfort of their homes.

Why Social Media For A Traveling Vineyard Worker/Company?

Often, the service of a representative of Traveling Vineyard is needed in a social function so the need for a social media presence is so paramount. 80% of would-be customers looking to have a wine taster at their events will likely engage more with a Traveling Vineyard rep on the social media than having them come over to their office for a presentation.

One of the greatest problems in the world is knowing what to eat and drink. If you can find an expert who can solve this all the time and gives you satisfaction indeed, never let them go.

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Young, Bold and Successful Business Lady: Doe Deere

Until now, not so many people wear bold and bright colored makeups, especially the ones on the cooperate world and government offices. One wonders how Doe has managed to achieve this great success in less than ten years using her brand, which is nothing but bright makeups.


Deere started Lime Crime Cosmetic business back in 2008 when selling products online was not so popular let alone the idea of ladies buying things like lipstick online without trying them on. Inspired by the urge and need to find bold makeups but finding none back then, Doe signed up her business name and brand Lime Crime Cosmetics. She used her pictures and personal makeup to build up the new brand and, later, a lot of girls were asking for the products. Her interest in the business world and the enterprising spirit started while she was still a young lady back in Russia. She was able to market temporary tattoo to her classmates and made them famous. Though as a young girl she did not explore the business world further, she now lives her dream by helping like-minded women to experience the freedom that comes with having the makeup of their choice.


Doe describes makeup as not something that is used to conceal one’s imperfection or even improve one’s looks but as a platform that gives you freedom to feel however you want. Makeup gives people the freedom to express their feelings. Doe owes her success to knowing her brand and owning it. She tries something out first to experience how the product feels before putting it out there in the market. She also attributes her success to the good working relation and environment that she has surrounded her employees and partners with: respecting and appreciating them works well for the business.


Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to New York at the age of 17; currently, she lives in New Jersey. She is a self-confessed animal lover, and even makes contributions to an animal care facility back in New York. She is not just a successful business woman but a happily married woman who met her husband while singing in a band back in New York. She believes that every person should follow their hearts because everybody is unique and with beautiful ideas. She was named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs by Time-Magazine alongside other very successful businesswomen.



Highland Capital Management’s Journey as an Investment Advisor

Highland Capital Management is one of the world’s largest global alternative credit managers. The company has grown its reputation majorly due to the extraordinary services they offer.

The humble beginnings of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management had its beginning more than twenty years ago. Mark Okada and James Dondero who are the company’s founders opened their venture in January 1990. They began by forming a venture together with Protective Life Insurance Cooperation.

Significant incidences which led to the company’s growth

In the year 1990, the company specialized in fixed income markets. They also managed senior secured bank loans. Three years later, they progressed into a Protective Asset Management Company. In May 1997, the visionary founders went ahead to purchase Protective Life Stake in Protective Asset Management Company. This action led to the establishment of an independent advisor, Ranger Asset Management which was SEC registered.

A year later, Ranger Asset Management changed its name to its current name, Highland Capital Management. In the year 2000, the company began alternative investment platform. They also launched their first commingled bank loan fund.

The company continued to grow its products line. In the year 2004, they acquired two floating rates fund. This money was offered from Columbia Asset Management. Later in 2008 and 2011, Highland Capital Management officially opened its offices in Singapore and Seoul respectively.

Where Highland Capital Management stands today in the competitive market

Being an independently owned company with more than twenty years’ experience, Highland Capital Management offers a broad range of products with a large client base. These products are both for institutional investors and retail. The company’s growth has provided employment to more than one hundred and eighty people all over the globe.

Highland Capital Management’s Location

The headquarters of this multinational company is in Dallas, Texas. However, Highland Capital Management has offices all over the world’s major cities. These cities include Sao Paulo, New York, Singapore, and in Seoul.

Highlands Capital Management community service

The company has substantially invested in the communities of its employees. This investment is in the form of advisory board involvement, volunteerism, and financial donations. Over ten million US dollars have been committed to various organizations globally since 2005.

Thor Halvorssen Writes About Human Rights Issues in The Globe

There are a lot of human rights violations that are going on in the globe. For one thing, there are many countries that have rulers that have a total disregard for human life. However, a lot of these violations go undetected. Therefore, a lot of the rulers are caught being harsh with their citizens while no one else in the world knows about it. However, there are ways of exposing such human rights violations. For one thing, it takes intelligence and bravery in order to get the message out about all of the violations. Fortunately, there is one person that is courageous enough to not only right about the issue, but also get a lot people involved in the cause.

One of the methods that Thor Halvorssen uses in order to increase awareness about the human rights violations in the world is write about it on his website. He has to take the time to not only witness the violations in other countries, but also write about them so that people will know about it and decide on what to do about those violations so that the citizens of those countries can be protected and taken care of. Thor wants people to experience the freedoms that are offered in more developed countries.

Thor Halvorssen makes sure that he keeps busy in the fight for human rights. Therefore, he has set up the Human Rights Foundation with the purpose of hearing every case so that he can take action on these matters. He is not afraid of any tyrant and is willing to fight for the people in oppressed countries. He encourages people to fight for the rights of other countries as well. For one thing, human rights is something that should be shared throughout the world, not just in a special few countries.

Betsy DeVos-Childrens’ Right’s Advocate

Besty DeVos is an advocate for all children and their rights. Regardless of one’s personal and or moral values, basic human rights are her top priority for every child in America.

According to, President Trump recently rescinded a ruling from prior President Obama in which the federal government took control over certain areas of education. President Trump shifted the power of ruling on those areas back to local government. Mrs. DeVos has been viewed by some as disputing the President on this issue, this is not true. Mrs. DeVos is a strong advocate for the rights of all children. She is very passionate in her beliefs towards children’s rights, at the federal and local level.

Evidence of her passion towards her beliefs are easily found sprinkled generously throughout her past. Betsy is renown for her fund raising and behind the scenes organizational skills. She views herself as someone who has always thought outside of the box and has been affiliated with the Republican party on various projects for decades. It has been stated that she is not one that backs down from any powerful or elite group. Betsy’s charitable donations, along with her husband’s, stood at an astounding $139 million in 2015, which landed them at #24 on a Forbes magazine list of top charitable people. Accelerating transformation, leveraging support and cultivating leadership are all extremely important to Betsy DeVos. The DeVos family founded a charitable organization in 1989 which provides tremendous support for education, community, the arts, justice, and leadership.

Betsy grew up in Michigan with her parents Elsa and Edgar Prince. She attended Holland Christian High School in her hometown and went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in administrative business and politics from Calvin College in Grand Rapids. While at college Betsy was involved in campus politics. She married Dick DeVos and together they now have four grown children. She is the chairwoman of Windquest Group, a company that she and her husband founded in 1989.

In summation, we find someone who will do whatever it takes to protect the rights of America’s children, even when it isn’t popular.

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InnovaCare Health Adds Penelope Kokkinides to its Management Team

Based in North America, InnovaCare health is a provider of managed health care services. The institution offers these services through three primary avenues; Provider Networks, Medicaid Programs, and Medicare Advantage. The health provider has ensured the provision of the best care by adopting the use of advanced technology in diagnosis and treatment. They have also created sustainable and cost efficient models that aim at improving the quality of care the institution provides. Additionally, InnovaCare has redefined their management models to meet the complex healthcare environment. The enterprise emphasizes on creating strong relationships between their workforce and patients. Ensuring a close relationship with the clients helps them in understanding their needs and consequently, meet them accordingly.

At InnovaCare, a patient will always come first. Provision of quality medical care is the end goal. Enhancing strong relationships between patients and providers ensures quality assurance. Additionally, as the institution seeks to grow, it has held its standards at an unrivaled level. InnovaCare has embraced the act of teamwork to ensure solutions are met in time.

Today, Richard Shinto heads the institution as the president and chief executive officer. Shinto has over 20 years’ experience in the clinical industry. All this knowledge has been acquired in different health care facilities. Before InnovaCare, Shinto worked at Aveta Inc. as the CEO. He also served in the management team before his promotion. Through the years, he has also served as the chief medical officer at NAAM California. Shinto’s career began in Southern California as an internist.

InnovaCare administrative duties are headed by Penelope Kokkinides. She rejoined the institution in 2015. Like Richard Shinto, she has also worked for Aveta Inc. However, she held the position of chief operating officer and vice president of clinical operations. She has worked in the government programs and specialized in the managed care industry. Penelope has 20 years of experience in the managed care industry. She held the position of executive vice president at Centerlight HealthCare. Kokkinides graduated with a degree in biological sciences from the University of Binghamton. Read more about her interview with Ideamensch.

On July 2016, InnovaCare fraternity announced the addition of three executives in their leadership team. Jonathan Meyer was hired to take the role of chief actuary officer. Before joining this institution, Meyers served as a director at Horizon BCBS. Penelope Kokkinides was recruited to take the administrative functions of the organization. She worked in government programs where she facilitated the development of managed care. Lastly, Mike Sortino got hired to head the accounting department. He worked at Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Company as a controller.

Squaw Valley Released Official Statement Regarding E. Coli In Water

Squaw Valley ski resort has released an official report on the status of their drinking water. This report addresses the efforts currently taking place to eliminate both E. coli and coliform bacteria completely from the upper mountain resort area.


The Placer County Department of Environmental Health first reported potential issues with E. coli in Squaw Valley’s drinking water on November 8th of last year. Since that time, Squaw Valley officials have taken all the necessary precautions to protect skiers from ingesting tainted water.


Liesl Kenney, Public Relations Director of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, released this latest report. Kenney first noted that October was unseasonably rainy last year. This heavy rain caused problems with water systems all across Placer County.


The main problem Squaw Valley faced was the induction of a water system used for both High Camp and Gold Coast. This induction is the main reason why the water systems at these two high mountain resorts were contaminated.


Thankfully, Squaw County does regular testing on all their water systems. During one of these routine tests, authorities saw the heightened level of E. coli and coliform bacteria. They quickly contacted Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Squaw Valley has been working closely with the local health agencies and will provide all guests at High Camp and Gold Coast with free bottled water until the issue is resolved.


Ever since November 8th, Squaw Valley has treated their water extensively and ensured that all their guests are well aware of the E. coli issue. Right now, three out of the four wells used for the upper mountain’s water supply show great improvement. The latest tests show almost no coliform and absolutely no E. coli in Squaw Valley’s water supply.


Squaw Valley authorities have closed the upper mountain restaurants indefinitely. They have also told all skiers not to drink tap water at both High Camp and Gold Coast. There’s no word yet on when this problem will be fully resolved, but the latest tests indicate that it shouldn’t be too long before the problem is fully resolved.

Quality Dental That Caters To Children And Adults

Protecting your smile is very important because everyone is only given one smile per lifetime. However, great dental service providers like MB2 Dental can protect and repair your smile at any age. A winning smile can help you build your confidence to go after your dream job. Most quality dental services are covered under most insurance plans, but they also cater to cash payments that need a reasonable payment plan. Their expressed goal is to put their customers first and ensure that no individual will ever have to sacrifice quality dental care because of an inability to pay.


Dental Services Provided by MB2 Dental


The dental services provided by MB2 Dental allows their patients to correct many dental irregularities that include crooked teeth, overbites, under bites, crowded teeth, and misaligned teeth. However, a good dentist will be able to provide their patients with protective measures that can help them maintain a near perfect smile. They have a wide variety of expertise in the proper maintenance and nutrition needed to protect your teeth. MB2 Dental provides a licensed professional has the trained and skills to manage your oral health issues or correct your smile with limited procedure methods needed.


Advanced technology has allowed many dentists to require far less repeat visits than ever. A quality dentist will help you get back to work or school fast. In fact, traditional metal braces would require several return trips to the dentist, MB2 Dental provides Invislign that ensures that you have far less trips back to the dentist for routine followup. They provide exceptional dentistry that will give you a experienced professionals with every procedure. Trust a dental office with over 30+ experience in quality dental care. Their office provides a relaxed atmosphere that will prepare you for the most complex dental work.


Eliminate cavities and plaque buildup with the benefits of quality dentistry. Get great procedures that include teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and sedation. You’re invited to give them a call for a free consultation that includes financial planning, procedures, and policies. Patients have access to the latest technology and procedures every time. Creating a refreshing smile with the leading dental service providers in the industry. MB2 Dental is there to cater to your smile when and where you need them. You’re invited to visit their local office to schedule a visit today.

An Insight into the Life of Brian Bonar

There are many successful entrepreneurs from the sunny San Diego and one of them is a man called Brian Bonar. Brian Bonar has spent his life mostly in the entrepreneurial world and in the financial industry. As a result of the many years in these two fields, he has managed to acquire a lot of knowledge about the topic of finance.

Currently, he is serving as the chief executive officer of a company based in San Diego called Dalrada Financial Corporation. With Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar pays attention to offering certain services to his clients such as outsourcing, financial services, and benefits while not forgetting insurance services.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar specializes with different people and corporations from the United States. Some of his skills and expertise include debit cards, tax strategy techniques, payroll advances, and tax deferred benefits as well as supplemental insurance plans. Dalrada has a team that specializes on several issues that are not limited to group dental coverage, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

Like any other distinguished professional, Brian Bonar has received several awards over the years recognizing his prowess in the finance industry. Some of these awards include the Cambridge Who’s Who CEO of the year that he has managed to win two times. He belongs to a finance organization called the American Finance Association.

Before he established himself, Bonar used to study at James Watt Technical College many years ago. At Watt College, he specialized in mechanical engineering. He then proceeded to Stafford University several years later and mastered in Mechanical Engineering. He holds a doctorate from the same institution as well as an MBA.

Since his days in college, Bonar has been described by his peers as an individual who strives to produce the best for his clients. He is also known to exceed customers’ expectations with the excellent services that he offers. The most interesting thing about Brian Bonar is that he does not work for one financial institution.

He is involved with several institutions such as a company called Trucept that has its headquarters in Escondido, California. With this company, he carries out various roles such as human resource administration, employee benefits issues as well as payroll issues. He occupies the position of chief executive officer and chairman.

Prior to these roles, he has worked with other companies such as the Allegiant Professional Business Services, ITEC Imaging technologies, AMS Outsourcing, Adaptec, and Bezier System.

He has also worked with QMS Rastek Corporation and finally IBM. With IBM, he was charged with several responsibilities such as overseeing the production of motherboards.

Other than business, Brian Bonar is a social person, and he loves spending time with his family. He also loves golfing, and sunset boat rides. Brian Bonar has a Scottish descent and remains a humble man. He says that failure keeps him on his toes.