Talk Fusion’s CEO Gives Back

When the company Talk Fusion was founded their main goal was to help people and they’ve proven that, immensely. Now the CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has decided to help his community even more. Reina is well-known for donating generously to a variety of non-profit organizations. He’s made a record breaking one million dollar donation to The Humane Society of Tampa Bay and even provided monetary support for an Indonesian orphanage.

His recent groundbreaking plan to help communities even further is a plan that will allow associates of Talk Fusion to donate an amount to a charity of their choosing. Reina is no stranger to giving back and he wants those associated with Talk Fusion to incorporate the same mentality into their lives. He gives generously to these charities for one simple reason: to help. With the boosting donations and Talk Fusion’s platform these charities are able to receive help from people who might not have known they existed before. Read more on Crunchbase about Talk Fusion.

Even when Talk Fusion was in its infancy Reina seemed to care only about one factor, how Talk Fusion changed their lives. He sees the impact his company has and has decided to spread that goodness outward. Reina doesn’t take into account if the situation is small like helping family and friends with medical bills or if it’s something bigger such as making personal donations to those who were affected by the Nepal earthquake. This CEO has a big heart and spreads proves his compassion generously.

Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. It provides businesses, big and small, with the opportunity to have video chats, host live meetings, send video newsletters, and much more with their employees or clients. There is no special software to use Talk Fusion’s features, simply emailing a hyperlink will allow attendees to participate in any video chat or to view video memos. Similar to most subscription programs, Talk Fusion offers a 30-day trial, so that you have ample time to use their features and decide if they’re the best fit for you.

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What Can’t Avi Weisfogel Do?

Avi Weisfoegel is the dentist you may not yet have heard of, but that’s not all. Look a bit down his resume, and you’ll also see he is a musician and a philanthropist as well. Wow!

A press release from earlier this year detailed why philanthropy is important to Avi, and why he decided to support Operation Smile. Operation Smile operates in the poorest parts of the world, providing free surgeries to children suffering from certain facial deformities including cleft lip. Avi Weisfogel supports Operation Smile, and has a history of putting his own time and efforts behind the causes important to him. He walks the walk, and talks the talk when it comes to charity.

So, we know Avi Weisfogel gives back to the community, but he’s also a really good musician too. There probably aren’t too many dentists in your area laying down catchy beats on a hip hop track, but Avi Weisfoegel is one of them. His music is fresh and independent, and it’s absolutely worth listening to. A large and growing fan base has gobbled up his music on Soundcloud, so it’s worth giving a try.

As interesting and eclectic as Avi Weisfoegel is, he’s also a regular dentist doing good work for the people of Old Bridge, New Jersey. Social media even shows that he has been doing dentistry work for over 20 years at Old Bridge Dental Care, Avi Weisfoegel is constantly working hard to make sure every patient not only receives the highest-quality service and dental care available but that they also have a comfortable time and are relaxed as possible. That is the kind of dentist Avi Weisfoegel is, and the kind of person he is too.

Eric Pulier career and philanthropic activity

Eric Pulier is an American based business person, entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. He currently operates in Los Angeles, California. When Pulier was young, he was very passionate about programming. He started programming when still in fourth grade. This made him learn a lot about programming while still young thus, making him well known by other experts in this field at a tender age.

In his high school level he came up with a computer database organization. He performed well in his high school level and thus, join Harvard University where he did English and American literature. After completing his tertiary level, he officially started his career. He moved to Los Angeles in the year 1991. He founded a company known as People Doing Things. This firm used technology to address the issues being faced in the country. Some of the factors that were being dealt with by his entity included healthcare and education.

He spearheaded the formation of Starbright World. This is a social media just meant for chronically ill children. The social media gained a lot of popularity mainly because such platform had never been formed before. Chronically ill children could chat, post content and do other activities that could improve their lives. This made them accept the challenges they were facing and move on with life.

Because of his activity he was selected by the presidential inaugural committee to come up with the presidential exhibition. He later participated in vice president’s health care technology. This were some of the major breakthroughs in his career. Pulier used the platforms offered by the government to take his career to the next level by providing the best. He later joined Clinton Global Initiative where he became an active member.

Unlike other people Eric Pulier have been able to use all his cash in the right way. He has participated in some philanthropic activities that have helped a lot in improving the lives of many people in the community. He has donated a good amount of cash to nonprofit organizations. He is also one of the board members of X-Prize Fountain, which its primary motive is to solve challenges being faced by the human race.

IT Staffing and Solutions Principal

John Goullet is the principal of Diversant LLC, an IT Solutions and Staffing company. The company is the result of a merger between Info Technologies Inc., a company founded and owned by Goullet, and Diversant Inc., a company owned and operated by Gene Waddy, the current Chief Executive Officer of Diversant.

Diversant is the largest IT Solutions and Staffing company that is African-American owned. They serve and work with many areas of the US economy such as banking, financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. They analyze what firms in these areas need as far as IT staffing requirements, and they provide advice on starting and maintaining diversity initiatives. When firms needed highly trained and skilled IT experts, they call upon Diversant to meet their needs, and provide the right individual for their special situation. Diversant also assists firms if they desire to make direct hires. Their assistance includes finding the right individual for that permanent job.

This is an area where John Goullet has devoted to professional life to making a difference. He was a computer consultant and a staffing account executive prior to founding Info Technologies in 1994. He developed an expertise in understanding what corporations need, and then meeting those needs with the proper staffing. Under his leadership, Info Technologies became one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States.

As principal of Diversant, Goullet continues to meet the demands of IT staffing. Nothing stays the same in IT, and he is able to provide staffing that is state of the art. The firms that use the services of John Goullet and Diversant know that they are in good hands.

James Dondero Builds His Career to Help Others

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. The business is located in Dallas and consists of a strong group of people. Linda Owen and James Dondero are now working side by side to ensure that Highland Management uses their charity program to help others as much as possible. The group continues to grow and is dedicated to their focus on impact giving. Linda Owen will be working in a partnerships with The Dallas Foundation. This group administers to Highlands giving fund.

The philanthropic activities have been expanded and serious professionals are working hard to ensure that all contributions will make a beneficial impact for others. Linda has a history of effective partnerships in the Dalas area and has shared her vision for making a difference within the community. Highland Capital Management raises over 3 million dollars annually for charity within the The Dallas Foundation. They focus on helping veterans, health care and education in the Dallas community.

The Perot Museum, George W. Bush Library, Center of Brain Health and Dallas Zoo are a few of Highland Capital Managements beneficiaries. James Dondero and many other executives of Highland provide meaningful guidance to the organizations supported by the firm. They offer help through leadership roles and board services.

Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management and lives in Dallas, Texas. He has been working for over 30 years in equity and credit markets. He has focused his time on distressed investing and high-yield investing. He is also Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and is a board member for American Banknote. He enjoys philanthropically driven initiatives in veteran’s affairs, public policy and education. Before he began his career at Highland Capital Management he worked as the lead investment officer for Protective Life.

James Dondero was also the Portfolio Manager for American Express and began his career at Morgan Guaranty in 1984 as an analyst. He also succeeded in graduating from the University of Virginia and from the McIntire School of Commerce. He has earned the title of Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Autism Festival Raises Awareness

There are a lot of people who are dealing with Autism in their family. They may not know where to turn for help. The good news is that there are organizations that help raise awareness like the one Sanjay Shah Denmark.

The festival was created to help people learn about autism and to not judge the way people with autism are perceived. Sanjay Shah is hoping that this will help people who are dealing with this everyday to have the courage to make things better in their lives as well as others. He personally is faced with tough choices when it comes to autism and how it is perceived by others.

Sanjay Shah is a great person who has created and built his business from the ground up. He created a business that makes him happy and helps support his family. Once he got the business going, he was able to help others which is another passion he has.

The autism awareness festival helps to not only help others see autism as something that is normal and that most people can see than the person that is under it. He wants everyone to be seen and not just talked about with a label. That is part of the reason he started this festival for not just his family, but others.

It also helps to raise money for research and understanding of autism so it can be accepted as well as possibly understood later on, because this issue can be so confusing, it’s good to get awareness out there as well as funds to help with all parts of autism.

This festival is a great thing that Sanjay Shah did and he will continue to work to help others understand autism and to help those that live with it everyday. This way they will understand what it is and how to make it not so confusing for all people involved. It’s important to know that anyone with autism is the same as any other person, but they may need a little more understanding in order to function as others may. Autism is a scary thing to live with, but through understanding and awareness, it can be done.


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Jennifer Walden Improves The Way People Think About Female Private Areas

One of the best beauty surgeons in America returned to Austin Texas to open her own office and a new satellite office for her patients. Jennifer Walden made the decision to come back home to Texas after spending about eight years working in New York. During her time in New York, Jennifer worked with the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat surgical office. Jennifer brought her sons back to Texas so that they could experience family and some of the same things as she did growing up. Jennifer has a surgical nurse mother and a dentist father. They were fantastic influences for her and she hopes they will influence her sons as well. Jennifer was also very good at playing soccer and the hope is that her sons will want to play some sports as well. Being a single parent is not easy but it does have it’s rewards.

During a recent article and appearance on television, Jennifer was asked some personal questions that she did a fantastic job answering. She dispelled several myths people have about women and their female organs. She explained the concepts of vaginal rejeuvenation. She told how women do care about sex, orgasms, and the way their personal areas look. This talented surgeon is also a writer. She blogs regurlary and lets everyone know what is going on in the cosmetic world. She frequently goes on talk shows and ABC to talk about procedures and upcoming procedures. Jennifer also uses a lot of Botox and Laser surgeries to improve the looks of people.


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Benefits of Makari Products

The skin is one of the parts of the body which has everyone thinking about the most. There are so many products in the market which are designed for the skin but not all of them are the best for your skin type. There are also products which purport to make your skin healthier and more radiant but the truth is that they are doing more damage than good. Thankfully, Makari’s skin lightening cream doesn’t do that. If you want a product which you can comfortably use on your skin today, try Makari Skin Products. Makari skin products are known for their quality. They are manufactured in Switzerland and they undergo all the processes necessary to make them ready for human use. The products which are named after the Swahili word “beautiful” are designed for women who would like to take good care and control of their skin on a daily basis. Makari products are suited for all skin types and they come with harmless and nutritious value for your skin. Do you have dark spots or scars left by acne? You can use Makari products to get rid of them once and for all. The good news is that the product lightens your skin without making it bleached. The bad thing with most beauty products is that they contain certain chemicals which bleach the skin and expose it to the UV rays of the sun. The harmful sun rays usually cause skin cancer and other types of harmful cancers. To be on the safe side, use products such as Makari de Suisse which have undergone all quality checks. When you want a skin product that will make your skin feels and look healthy, you need a quality skin product for that. The other advantage of using Makari de Suisse products is that they come in various designs and shapes. You can choose your products based on your skin type, the shape of the product as well as its packaging. The products are packaged with love. If you want to transform the way your skin looks today, and to tone it evenly, try Makari de Suisse products today! Follow Makari on Twitter to learn more about whitening creams.


Investment Expert Jim Hunt

Jim Hunt is an investment expert who specializes in trading stocks and options. He currently sells people a number of courses that help educate investors on how to profit from trading. In fact his programs have been quite effective and if followed properly can help investors generate a profitable trade up to 100% of the time. With his expertise and experience, Hunt is able to help teach investors what they need to know in order to succeed in trading. Since this activity can result in losing money if not done properly, Jim Hunt is a reliable individual who can help give people the knowledge they need in order to become very successful investors.

One of the ways in which Jim Hunt helps investors is by offering a program that teaches them how to evaluate stocks and then determine if it should be bought or not. With this program an investor will look at charts to see trends of the stock and this will allow them to determine if the stock will be profitable or not. By using this program investors will have a very efficient and highly effective tactic to use in order to maximize their profits in trading. Another way in which Jim Hunt helps investors is by offering a program that allows them to invest in stocks after normal trading hours and then make profits the next day. This program allows an investor to make a trade at night and then get their profits the very next morning.

Recently there was a video published on the internet that shows a stock chart. This chart showed multiple screens and allowed the viewer to learn more about how to evaluate a stock trade. At the end of the video the viewer was able to see a list of currencies that gave indication of the person about to make a trade. By using this video, investors can easily learn about a stock and help determine if it is worth purchasing.

One of the best companies to learn more about investing and trading is VTA Publications. This company offers a number of courses that allow investors to learn more about how to trade profitably. With these courses, investors can learn how to use charts to invest in stocks, trade options and also plan for their retirement. As well as providing courses on these topics, people can also listen to live seminars and also read articles that help give them encouragement in terms of striving for goals and finding the best ways to achieve them.  Check out their official website for more on VTA Publications and Jim Hunt.

The Mission of The Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist who is the founder as well as the president of the Human Rights Foundations which was founded in 2005. As a human rights activist, Mr. Halvorssen rejects any political label despite the fact that he has been labeled many times as being a classical liberal. Mr. Halvorssen is particularly passionate about uncovering scandals of dictators and tyrants of countries that have been persecuting the people. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Halvorssen remembers the exact day to which he began the fight for better human rights around the world. Mr. Halvorssen states that the year was 1989 and he started out as a young age due to the fact that he was heavily influenced by his parents and their actions with human rights.

Thor Halvorssen understands the necessity of the fight for human rights. In 1993 his father was falsely imprisoned in a Venezuelan jail despite the fact that his father was a well respected diplomat. The only reason his father was ever released was thanks to the avocation and influence of several human rights organizations. Thanks to Mr. Halvorssen, his organization now protects human right globally and focuses especially on the human rights of those that live without a choice in closed societies. The mission of The Human Rights Foundation is to preserve freedom and the importance of basic rights all around the world. This non-profit organization believes that basic rights should never be unattainable or even considered to be a luxury.

With current offices located in New York, this non-profit organization has received support and funding from individuals and companies from all over the world with a similar belief to the foundation. The Human Rights Foundation can also be spotted at Capitol Hill on an annual basis when representatives come and educate the public on the necessity of preserving and spreading basic human rights. In present day, this foundation has already done so much by freeing political prisoners, giving education to the public in closed societies, as well as using films and other means of entertainment to further educate the world.

Twitter: @thorhalvorssen