Andy Wirth Provides His Insights On How California Ski Resorts Shall Be Affected By The Drought

In the past month, Californians cut their water usage by 27% as compared to two years ago. People are concerned about the drought more than any other matter. In the recent times, California suffered the worst drought that affected ski resorts. Most resorts had to work with less snow, thus closing earlier than scheduled.

Recently, Andy asserted that they had experienced a tough winter that saw a decline of 20% in performance compared to last year. I heard the interview on KCRW’s Press Play with Madeleine Brand.

Andy Wirth posited that they have managed to report impressive profit margins irrespective of the low amount of snow.

Andy asserted that the Ski resort and Alpine-Meadow as well as other resorts have been using scientific methods to make and manage the amount of snow. Andy anticipates having 4000 acres of snow even though December and January had substantially below-average snow.

When asked about the elnino, Andy said that he was working with meteorologists from Colorado State University and other institutions. They were more concerned with the presence of moisture and temperatures. Andy continued to posit that he foresaw a colder winter than the past four.

Andy was optimistic that the absence of the ridiculously resilient ridges would result into warm temperatures. When asked about the future of the resorts based on the existing weather, Andy Wirth said that he was much concerned with the volatility of weather.

According to Andy, increased volatility of weather would enable him to realize his business model for the long term. He reiterated on his ability to make snow besides undertaking other business adjustments.  Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth said that they are sold out all summer long. In addition, he spoke about hedging their business for both summer and winter besides preparing more for summer visitation, activities and events.

This includes summer weddings, meetings and events. Andy says that he started from a resource side but he developed an interest in weather patterns. As part of his legacy, Andy said that as a resource manager, he manages the 6,000-acre property with the deserved seriousness.

He continued to assert that he would love to adjust the business model in line with the increased volatility in weather patterns in order to reduce carbon footprints. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

About Andy Wirth

Andy is the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Andy developed a passion for skydiving in the recent years. However, in October 2013, Andy had an accident that saw him land in a vineyard. His right arm was severed. He experienced blood loss.

Through his family’s support, friends and therapists, Andy was able to recover very well. A few surgeons reattached his arm. From his accident, Andy made friends with a group of Navy SEALS who were training in Squaw Valley.

Their counsel, spirit and narrative played an important role towards his recovery. Through the Seals, Andy created a team known as Special Warfare Warrior.

The team has been involved in generating support and donations for the Navy Seal Foundation. The foundation provides support to the Naval Special Warfare Community.