Andy Wirth on the Future of Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth has an outstanding commitment to helping young people. Throughout the year, his staff organizes several events to help children learn to love the mountain and skiing. His commitment extends to helping children of all abilities as the resort often hosts disabled ski events. It also extends to helping children love the mountain who might not get a chance to ski because of their income level. Andy first came to the mountain as a child and he has kept returning to it despite having lived in West Germany and Switzerland. That commitment to education got even stronger as the resort has hired Ron Kipp.

Ron has spent the last five years as the head of the Professional Ski Instructors of America. His novel approaches to teaching skiing means that he is constantly in demand as a teacher of skiing coaches at world-class resorts around the world. He has also served as a coach with the Norwegian Men’s Alpine National Team. He says that good techniques makes for good skiers and good skiers make good racers. The future for Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley looks extremely bright under his tutorage.

Andy Wirth’s recent appointment to the Reno-Tahoe Regional Airport Authority also means that things will be brighter around the region. More people than ever before will be coming into town to enjoy the skiing during the winter. Those visitors may also return during the off-season to take advantage of other things that the area offers.

Under Andy’s leadership as CEO, the future for Alpine Meadow and Squaw Valley is already brighter. He has already moved the resort from the bottom 20 percent in America to the top 20 percent. With the addition of Ron and new visitors using the airport, the future looks extremely promising. Andy Wirth is definitely a man with a vision with the work ethic to make it a reality.