A Doxxing Dilemma Can Be Fixed

Techies may be familiar with terms such as “doxxed” and “doxxing”. The average person who uses the internet, however, may not know what the words mean. Regardless, those “average persons” may end up becoming major victims of a doxxing disaster.

Doxxing refers to document dumping. Documents end up being released online without the permission of those whose names are presented on the documents. Highly personal documents such as tax returns, bank accounts, and private emails are not the only things that can be published online. Social media content that was not intended for large audiences could be broadcasted without permission. The Daily Beast published an article intended to raise awareness about doxxing. Darius Fisher of Status Labs lent his expertise to the article.

The article points out there are scores of ways personal information finds its way to the internet. In some cases, simple oversights and lack of knowledge lead to major problems. Millions upon millions of people post on social media. They might not realize, however, poor privacy settings can lead to presumably private posts being indexed by the search engines. If the content has been indexed, then anyone can read it. Embarrassing or very personal information may be available for others to use for their own means. Identity theft could even start from the release of social media posts or videos. Hence, changing privacy settings is an extremely good idea.

So is getting personal information removed from any and all data mining and resource sites. These online entities publish addresses, phone numbers, and full names of people without their consent. Thankfully, a simple request may lead to the content being removed.

Darius Fisher and Status Labs not only offer general advice on dealing with doxxing. Clients who sign on with Fisher’s firm can access the expertise necessary to address public relations and search engine controversies. Fisher co-founded the firm a few years ago and have been honored with industry awards for his work.

Why has Darius Fisher been named a top honoree among a number of prestigious awards? Fisher has been incredibly successful as the president and co-founder of Status Labs. Revenues to the company have increased dramatically as Fisher is always out there promoting the company and proving the benefits of working with Status Labs.

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